Won’t Someone Debate #BillSchmalfeldt?

The Cabin Boy is acting all-butthurt because no one will discuss U. S. v. Cassidy with him. That’s the U. S. District Court Case that he thinks will save him from the peace order issued against him.BS201308310347Z

I’m not sure of all the reasons folks aren’t engaging with Schmalfeldt on the issue, but here are some of the reasons I’ve heard:

Why bother helping him improve his case?
Don’t correct him. You want him to stick with a silly, losing argument.
Why argue with him? He doesn’t want to hear a real legal opinion.
It’s not fair to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
Let him buy his legal advice from Acme.

I’ll say this much, and then leave the rest to my lawyer—U. S. v. Cassidy doesn’t directly bear on the issues of Hoge v. Schmalfeldt. The Cabin Boy was found to have violated the Maryland harassment statue, not the emotional distress provision in the stalking section of the federal Violence Against Women Act. Maryland’s harassment law was upheld by the Court of Appeals in State v. Galloway, and the U. S. Supreme Court refused to hear Galloway’s appeal (Galloway v. Maryland, 535 U.S. 990, cert. denied). I’ll bet that Judge Stansfield was quite safe relying on the precedents set by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court regarding the particular statute affecting the case before him.

9 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Debate #BillSchmalfeldt?

  1. It seems that even the most ardent debate enthusiast on the internet quails when faced with this sort of concentrated idiocy.

  2. The Supreme Court’s failure to take a case has no precedential effect. But you’re still good under the Appeals Court precedent, which is more than sufficient for your purposes.

    • Yes, it isn’t a binding precedent, but it’s a strong hint that the Court of Appeal didn’t screw things up and that State v. Galloway is good law.

  3. No need. He talks to himself all day, butts in on conversations that others are having, and then claims they were conversing with him. All signs of mental illness.

    • I think Bill Schmalfeldlt is not merely “butting in” on other’s conversation. He is harassing John Hoge indirectly by harassing any person who converses with him on the internet directly. Sure, he is a total asshole, and creep, but, the most salient point is that he is acting criminally.

  4. Not won’t, can’t. To have a debate you have to start with common standards for valid argument and a particular issue or question to debate over. He will bounce from topic to topic, reverse himself at whim, logical fallacize all over the landscape, contradict himself, bullishly settle on one demand he has of you and relentlessly demand it be delivered to the exclusion of all else, and his strongest tactic, interpret anything he wants to mean anything he wants. And he has the liberals usual penchant for declaring victory once he has outlasted you biologically (depends remember?). and did I mention he thinks name calling counts as an argument?
    Plus, eeeyew!

  5. I would add that the Cabin Boy’s harassment of that poor woman in Wisconsin, the Stranahans and many others was so beyond the pale that he is properly shunned by decent society. O.J. might have beaten the wrap for turning his ex-wife into a human Pez dispenser, but, that didn’t stop polite society from excluding him. O.J. Simpson was not welcomed at any private club. He had to play the public links. O.J. could have boasted to every member about how he could crush them over 18 holes, but his taunts would have fallen on deaf eyes. Bill Schmalfeldt can boast about his debate prowess all he wants. I am not impressed. To debate him would be granting him the status of a fellow human being. Bill Schmalfeldt is more of an animal than a human being. He stands excluded from polite society, and, none of his childish taunts ought alter that fact. To engage him in debate would be nothing less than a slap across the faces of his numerous victims.

    Another reason is that Bill Schmalfeldt ought to be treated as the animal he is. Human beings use reason to interact with each other. An animal is not rational. Animals must be dealt with by either force, or fear. John Hoge dealt with the Cabin Boy’s harassment correctly when he went to the state and had them use the force of law to compel him to stop the harassment. Now that he is being dealt with by force Bill Schmalfeldt is demanding that others reason with him about his situation. Screw him! He is about to learn that when he thumbs his nose at the courts the courts escalate their use of force until they are obeyed. If caging him like an animal is what it takes to create a safe environment for decent people so be it!

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