9 thoughts on “Nidal Hasan Will Not Be a Martyr

  1. The military has not carried out a death sentence since 1961. In reality this is more likely a life without parole sentence.

    • Meh. I really hope they’d make an exception for him. First, neither he nor the stare are going to appeal, so hopefully the legal side of the case is at an end. Which would mean all they’re waiting for is for the President to sign the order. And, given that he refuses to legally label it a terrorist attack (which denies medals and benefits to the survivors), the least he can do is give them some form of justice by carrying out the jury’s sentence. (I know it’s not a jury, technically- but it’s a panel of his peers. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck- it’s a duck.)

      • Unfortunately, the death penalty means he appeals whether he wants to or not. The justice system is designed for people to say they are not guilty not those who want to shout thier guilt to the world. This is how it should be.

      • I guess I just find it absurd. It’s not a violation of due process to give someone who is (legally) sane the right to plead guilty, ask for, or refuse to appeal. And it introduces some questions into the system, at least ones that come to mind:

        1. Who files the appeal? If he doesn’t want to, then isn’t permitting it to be done in his name a violation of his right to represent himself?

        2. If he’s forced to do it himself, how will they sanction him if he refuses to comply? Put him in contempt of court? He’s been convicted of murder- and he accepts the conviction. There’s not much we CAN do to sanction him at this point.

    • Lethal injection is the prescribed means these days. I personally favor hanging. That would have been the likely penalty under the old Articles of War or the original version of the UCMJ.

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