Does #BillSchmalfeldt Wear Nomex Depends?

Nomex is a fire retardant material made by DuPont that is used for everything from military flight suits to firefighting equipment. Given how often his pants must be on fire, the Cabin Boy should probably wear Nomex Depends.

He even lies about being caught in his lies.BS201308290237Z

Never pointed out a lie, huh? Here’s one.BS201308261840Z

As I pointed out here, I made no such demand of the Cabin Boy or his web host recently. However, he was sent another DMCA takedown notice from the copyright holder of my headshot that is on the Hogewash! About page last Saturday.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

UPDATED—Of course, the Cabin Boy tries to lie his way out of this one.BS201308291120ZBS201308291121Z

Pretend for a moment that I did, in fact, contact the photographer who owns the copyright to the picture involved. So what? He has had to send Schmalfeldt a DMCA notice before; he (or his lawyer) may have asked me to advise him of further violations. I could have done so without demanding that anything be done. But suppose I didn’t contact him. The photographer may have been spot checking Schmalfeldt’s blogging and tweeting to look for a further violation himself. Or perhaps someone else tipped off the photographer. Schmalfeldt doesn’t present any evidence of what happened. I doubt that he has any.

Here’s his new lie—”saying that HOGE had the picture taken down” is not what his original tweet said. He writes of my demand that photos be removed. It’s clear from the actual DMCA takedown notice that I did not make such a demand.

Do you see what he’s doing?

He’s saying something, getting caught, and trying to say that he said (or meant) something else.

Oh, one more thing … That tagline, “Such a sad, lonely old man,” reminded me of some lines that seems to fit Sore Loserman Bill. They’re from the Beatle’s song Mean Mr. Mustard:

Always shouts out something obscene.
Such a dirty old man.
Such a dirty old man.

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