Things I’ve Done

I’ve published a few papers and articles through the years. One of my favorites was a short piece of technical correspondence in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society called A New Set of Vented Loudspeaker Alignments. The paper describes a class of filter functions made up of cascaded two-pole functions with the same resonance frequency and how they can be applied to loudspeaker system design. The result is a single peak in the frequency response. I facetiously named the class of loudspeaker alignments BB4 for fourth-order boom box.

The day my copy of the Journal with my paper came in the mail, I got a phone call from a friend who was a professor of electrical engineering. He let me know that I had just published the meat of one of his graduate student’s proposed master’s thesis, and that the guy was having to start his research all over.

It had been a couple of afternoons’ part-time work for me.

BTW, I was a member of the Editorial Review Board of the JAES back in the ’70s.

4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Done

  1. Tee hee. My goodness, your antagonists like to try to downplay or discredit your accomplishments. Insecure because they don’t even understand some of what you’ve done?

  2. I used to drool over the high end electronics I saw in Crutchfield, way back when. JBL always had a large showing there. Interesting to know your involvement with them at the time.

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