#BillSchmalfeldt’s Internet CV

The Gentle Reader who has been following the Follies of Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt has no doubt noticed that sticktoitiveness is not one of his strong suits. The Internet is littered with the droppings of his abandoned projects and bits of self-promotion. Indeed, he brags about how many web ventures he’s attempted, but he has never had any sort of sustainable success. (Note: None of these address have active links. The Gentle Reader can cut and paste them into the address bar of his browser if he desires.) Here are a few examples.

The websites billywisdom.com and ww1.lobotomysandwich.com are both simply gone. parkypundit.com has been scarfed up by a cybersquatter. parkinsondiary dot com is now a Japanese site—I cannot recommend your visiting it.

It’s not uncommon to have domains registered with placeholder sites parked on them. Members of my family and I have such sites that are tied to our names. It’s something else to have started a site or blog and then to abandon it after a single posting or a few months at most. The blogs billtheradioguy.blogspot.com, billybigrig.wordpress.com, parkybill.wordpress.com, and parkyplace.wordpress.com still exist, but have not been maintained for years. It would not be surprising to see liberalgrouch.wordpress.com fall in to similar disuse.

You can find articles and self-promoting press releases by the Cabin Boy all over the web. Here are a few examples:


There are many more sites of infection out there, but this brief list serves to demonstrate the colossal waste of bandwidth being inflicted all those poor disk drives.

ASIDE—Someone may wonder how much time I spent researching the Cabin Boy’s Internet footprint. Not much. It took less than 5 minutes to write the script that did the Google crawling and no more than 5 minutes to scan the output for the material included in the post. Schmalfeldt is an annoyance, but he’s not really important in the overall scheme of things. He gets more attention than he deserves as it is.

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