#BillSchmalfeldt and the DMCA, Again

Earlier this afternoon, the Cabin Boy tweeted

Bill Schmalfeldt Hoge grabs pictures I own, posts them on his page. Then demands I remove photos of him from my site. I have agreed to do so.
2:40 PM – 26 Aug 13

Because I have not sent any such request to Schmalfeldt since he moved his ravings their most recent web location, I was unsure of what he was talking about when the tweet was pointed out to me. I did a bit of research, and I found that he had photoshopped the image of my face from the headshot on the Hogewash! About page into a couple of pictures. It seems that the copyright holder objected to that use without permission and sent a DMCA takedown notice.

Those of you who have been following the Follies of the Cabin Boy for a while may remember that it was a takedown notice about that headshot that got all of the DMCA kerfuffle started in the first place. The Cabin Boy keeps refusing to learn from his own mistakes. I could do a HOT STOVE! DON’T TOUCH riff, but I think I’ll simply remind the Gentle Reader of the definition of doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result.

3 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt and the DMCA, Again

  1. You mean, “…doing the same thing over and over expecting a *different* result”? You might also insert a comma after “over and over”, too. It’s not strictly necessary, but it does set off one clause from the next.

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