Tetyana’s Fund

Last Friday, Hogewash! suspended accepting donations to Tetyana’s Fund at the request of Tetyana Kimberlin. At that point, the fund had raised $3,555. At her request, all money raised in excess of actual legal expenses was to be returned to the donors. One of the principal donors has stepped forward with the cash to allow every donor who used PayPal to be refunded in full.

The actual expenses of the fund were $3,000.

The fund is now closed.

UPDATE—As trustee of the fund, I paid Zoa Barnes who served as Tetyana Kimberlin’s lawyer. Here is the cancelled check. I advanced the money to fund which would have otherwise run with a negative balance until donations began to be solicited on 12 August, the day of the hearing.zcheck4t

9 thoughts on “Tetyana’s Fund

  1. I received a full PayPal refund from the fund, part of which will be heading back your way via snail mail as a donation to Hogewash.

    • Wow. CBBS is accusing you of theft, despite the fact that a commenter is claiming a refund. Granted, he may not know who I am, but a real journalist would, in fact, update an article to reflect this development. But that would be a real journalist ….

      • Does this sound about right – I will choose to believe that someone is a deadbeat dad until I see proof that they aren’t? Or should I believe that the accused is innocent of the charge until I have proof that they are guilty?

      • For the Cabin Boy to accuse John of theft would be libel per se, and, therefore, a violation of the peace order.

        Again, we see the Cabin Boy’s taking the facts known to him and constructing the case least favorable to John and assuming that is the real truth. Since all he knows is that there is was a Tetyana’s fund and John administered it, it is completely consistent with the facts known to the Cabin Boy that John is embezzling money. Of course, it is, also, completely consistent with all the facts known to the Cabin Boy that John is the model of fiduciary responsibility. And, since the Cabin Boy has absolutely no knowledge of where any of the money is, he has no evidence whatsoever that any of the money ended up in the pocket of John Hoge.

        The Cabin Boy then continues with his familiar rhetorical tactic of presuming that he is the judge, jury and finder of fact in this matter. He ignores the reality that it simply isn’t any of his business. How the fund operated was the business of Tetyana, the donors, the operators, and the state. If the Cabin Boy suspects a crime has occurred, he is free to go the state with his suspicions. The first thing they will ask him is, “Do you have any evidence of wrongdoing?” When the Cabin Boy responds that he doesn’t, the state at that point will politely tell him to go pound sand.

        Again, the Cabin Boy attempts to seize the null hypothesis by posturing as if can presume John is guilty until John definitively proves his innocence. That simply isn’t the case. Among polite society, the general rule is the more extraordinary the charge, and alleging felony embezzlement is quite serious, the higher the level of proof expected.

        I would like to think that Tetyana has chosen to forgo any gifts from those wishing to ameliorate the harm caused her by Brett Kimberlin is a sign of how determined she is that Brett Kimberlin be arrested, tried, and imprisoned for raping her as child and trafficking her into the country to further rape her. Brett Kimberlin is already trying to lay the basis for arguing that his wife is being manipulated by Aaron Walker and John Hoge with among other things cash. I guess, when Tetyana stated that she would rather sleep on the streets than return to the abusive Brett Kimberlin she meant it. Apparently, she would rather sleep on the streets as the result of Brett Kimberlin’s harassment of her landlord than forfeit the opportunity to see him answer for his crimes. If the Cabin Boy thinks he is helping Brett Kimberlin so much the better. He just put another nail in Kimberlin’s coffin.

      • The Cabin Boy was certainly off his meds yesterday judging by his unhinged rants on Twitter. He is demanding that people ask Mr. Hoge certain questions. I guess he doesn’t grasp the fact yet that he can’t just demand answers from people.

        Aside from what BigSkyBob posted, and by the way, that is a really good look into the demented logic of Senor Neckroll, I think he also likes to inflate his own importance. How many times has he claimed to have inside information from the courts? He always “knows” something big is coming, if we only knew what he knew we would be quaking, etc Of course he never backs up any of his claims with the proof that he demands that others do.

        But on he goes. Look how much I know. Look what people tell me. Look at this inside information I have from the courts. LOOK AT ME! I’M IMPORTANT! His cries for attention just get louder and more ludicrous as as more and more people realize he is just a sad lonely man just begging for some attention to validate his overinflated ego.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. Hopefully for whatever reason the fund was closed, Tetyana is doing well and has broken the hold TDPK had over her.

    Obviously there is a lot you are not sharing with us. IMO probably because Tetyana herself asked you not to.

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