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It seems that a domain called pbrstreetgang dot org has been used by Team Kimberlin as a name server for some of their other sites and also as an email server for internal communications. Over the past couple of weeks, that domain suffered a severe security breach.

For the past few days, access to the Kimberlin-related websites has been flaky, especially the US-hosted sites. Access has been possible for brief periods using anonymized browsers. Each time the sites pop up, the source code for at least some of the pages has been modified. It looks as if their US-hosted sites have blocked the IP I use for most of my browsing. I have service via four different ISPs, and two provide a different IP each time I connect.

Several interesting incidents have occurred. In one case, connections to the globalpharma dot biz site hosted in Holland were being forwarded to the Breitbart Unmasked website. Also, the Breitbart Unmasked site goes up and down with tandem with jtmp dot org and velvetrevolution dot us. I wonder if Brett Kimberlin will still claim that he doesn’t know who runs the Breitbart Unmasked site?

It’s taken some time to construct those additional pylons, but the sites seem stable for now.

12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Could by why the Cabin Boy was so quick to want a truce? Maybe he knows his emails are being read by folks that could easily forward them to the Maryland SA?

    • Frankie, this innocuous comment of yours is being used by Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt as an excuse to start harassing people again. If he wanted to, he could just ignore it since you were asking questions, not accusing anyone, but he doesn’t want to. He wants to control everybody and everything, it seems. He makes mysterious references to embarrassing revelations. Well, here’s the deal – I’ve been around the block a few times. I have an excellent idea as to what may or may not have occurred, and it is no reflection on Mr. Hoge, nor should it embarrass him. Instead, I say God bless a good man.

      • The Cabin Boy has been running his mouth on Kimberlin’s site as well as on his relaunched web site. He certainly does have a higher opinion of himself than he should. Although I don’t know what specifically he is referring to, I can connect the dots fairly well. IF it’s what I think then you are right and it won’t reflect badly on John. That the Cabin Boy would try and make it so shows just how bleak his soul is.

  2. Sheesh. Poor Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt is making demands. Number one of which seems to be that he never wants to see “Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt” written again.

    Hi Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.

    I’d tell Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt to go pound sand, but that isn’t in keeping with Cabin Boy Bill Shcmalfeldts wishes. And we all know that what Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt wants, Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfledt gets. Or something.

    Because Raaaaacism I think. (There are still five As in Raaaaacism right?)

    Bye Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.

  3. Interesting. Mr. Hoge began blogging and investigating Team Kimberlin in part because of their use of harassment and lawfare tactics to shut down valid criticism. Some people never learn.

  4. A former prosecutor once told me that she did not worry if the criminals she prosecuted were not always convicted. Why? She said that for the most part, criminals are dumb and sooner or later, a charge would stick. Sooner or later, someone will overcome their fear and follow through.

  5. It’s interesting that first he told Ali to reign his underlings in, now he is saying the same about John. I guess when you are an order taker, you tend to think everyone is. He fails to realize that the folks that don’t agree with him are not “controlled” like Team Kimberlin is.

  6. The hypocrisy of BS:
    1. In his post entitled “It Just Seems As If Some People Delight In Being Wrong”:
    “Now, a grownup ignores a tweet like this.” But he refuses to ignore commenters on this blog.
    2. He makes fun of Hogewash’s “Pinky and the Brain” riff . . . and then copies it.
    3. Re: having to read unwanted tweets: “Wow! What a neat and nifty thing. You block the person, and you never have to read another word he writes!” He could stop reading the comment section of this blog, but that would require introspection and following his own advice.

  7. How a Cabin Boy celebrates a family member’s birthday: trolling the comment pages of someone else’s blog.

  8. Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.
    Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt.

    FOAD, toad.

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