The Very First Time

Bill Shmalfeldt likes to say that he is only replying to the lies that other people tell about him. He is just like the schoolyard bully who whines, “No fair! You hit me back.”

Schmalfeldt claims that I started it by lying about him. Gentle Reader, below is the very first post from Hogewash! that deals with Bill Schmalfeldt. It’s from 3 September, 2012, eleven months ago. Read it and make up your own mind about whether or not I unfairly attacked him.

More Lawfare Threats From Team Kimberlin

Some bozo calling himself the Liberal Grouch appears to be a member of Brett Kimberlin’s clown posse, and he’s threatening to sue Aaron Walker for defamation. He believes that Mr. Walker defamed him because he was accurately quoted in postings tweeted by Mr. Walker.

You can find the details of the exchange in question here, including tweets/posts that the Liberal Grouch deleted (perhaps in an attempt to erase evidence?).

Team Kimberlin is saying that they will start a “legal defense fund” for the Liberal Grouch if he sues Mr. Walker. They have the right idea because he will need a defense fund when the counterclaims come back from Aaron Walker.

Oh, and if Bill Schmalfeldt (if that’s his real name) is stupid enough to sue Aaron Walker, I’ll be first in line to make a substantial contribution to the Blogger Defense Team to help defray Mr. Walker’s legal expenses.

UPDATE—@LiberalGrouch tweets that I should read his side of the story. I have. My comments above stand.

* * *

If Bill Schmalfeldt wishes to stand down and abide by the terms of the peace order, I will have no personal motivation for continuing to waste pixels on him. If he gets out of the business of attacking my friends, I will have no reason to come to their aid against him. If he gets out of the business of supporting Team Kimberlin, I will have no reason to mention him in connection with my writing about them.

The choice is his.

20 thoughts on “The Very First Time

  1. Exactly. What BS is adept at is lying by omission. He reminds me in that regard of a relative of mine. “You can’t believe it, that bitch wouldn’t even TOUCH the blankety-blank that I spent hours cooking!” Never mind that the “bitch” was allergic to the food, that the relative knew this, and that the “bitch” had reminded her of it repeatedly. Now, someone new to the scenario would likely pay attention to the person who was making the most noise about being victimized. That is exactly what happens here. Aaron Walker had never contacted or written about BS. Neither had a host of other people until BS started to harass them repeatedly. And, yes, it IS harassment when people ask you to stop contacting them, and what you do instead is contact their family members and employers in order to coerce them into dealing with you. It IS harassment when, after they refuse to answer your questions, you jump to unsubstantiated conclusions based on flimsy evidence, and proceed to publish reputation-destroying malicious gossip about them on the internet.

  2. Regarding your addendum: do BK’s defenders realize how much he has used them to do his dirty work? Let’s go back to the beginning (and I may be off a bit on my timeline; if so, please correct me): Mandy Nagy simply wrote a well-researched article about Brett Kimberlin and what he was doing now. That was it. There was nothing defamatory in her piece, even though there are those who did not like what she brought to light once again. In other words, she didn’t lie. What happened to her? Team K unleashed a torrent of harassment and abuse on her that continues to this day. When people came to her defense, some out of friendship and others out of their belief in the First Amendment, the same thing happened to them. And all because someone dared to write what amounted to a historical piece about BK.

    BK’s number one goal is taking care of BK. Question is, who has been using him?

  3. It’s all about “The Collective”. The collective allows the Cabin Boy to post and say whatever he wants and the collective gives him absolution (if you will) for his terrible actions. When anyone points out his wrong doings, that person is not a part of the collective and therefore must be destroyed.

    The Cabin Boy will always be a part of the collective because its easier (intellectually) and allows you to do evil deeds with no perceived repercussions. Otherwise, it becomes an issue of personal responsibility and that means having a conscious and the Cabin Boy wants nothing to do with either of those.

    Classic case of Socialism vs. Liberty

    • I hope BS chooses to stop being used as a cat’s paw. I may be wrong, but part of me believes the guy wants to make a positive difference in the world. I do think his health advocacy work showed promise, but he doesn’t stick with things. A talk show about health issues where people call in from all over the world to discuss treatments, etc.? That would be interesting.

      • Now your getting into an issue that I have wanted to comment on previously but haven’t. If I’m not mistaken, Parkinson’s victims suffer from symptoms of stubbornness and self control issue’s. I want to make very clear that I am not excusing the Cabin Boy for his actions. Since he clearly chose to do an experiment to help Parkinson’s research, then he would clearly know that the above symptoms can occur and he should take appropriate action to minimize them. I have felt from the beginning that TDPK found a person who would do his dirty work by exploiting that persons disease which can enhance bad behavior.

  4. I find it odd that at this point in time the Cabin Boy is asking for a truce with Ali. He has court dates looming and all of a sudden he wants to be friends. Did what he calls his “last show” this morning and is not spewing his usual lies and bile all over Twitter. Wonder what his masters are up to? Or maybe the Cabin Boy found what little shred of human decency he had left?

  5. The Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt is one of the most intellectually dishonest posters I have ever read. He uses a series of rhetorical tactics:

    1) He routinely postures as the judge. In public debates one states one’s case and each reader is free to draw whatever conclusions he chooses. Schmalfeldt claims not merely to be an advocate for his position, but, also, the judge of fact and performance. Conveniently for Schmalfeldt, at the end of an exchange he declares his case to be entirely factual, and himself the winner.

    2) He routinely seizes the null hypothesis. In a real debate the both advocates have the same burden of proving their case and discrediting their opponent’s case. Schmalfeldt will routinely declare his position is correct, absent of any evidence or proof, until it has been refuted. Of course, since he postures as the judge he refuses to acknowledge any such refutation no matter how compelling.

    3) Schmalfeldt considers all the facts available to him and constructs the case most unfavorable to his opponent and presumes it to be the truth. Thus, since he didn’t see copies of model releases for photos shoot by Lee Stranahan it is completely consistent with the facts known to Bill Schmalfeldt that Lee Stranahan had photographed under-aged models. Bill Schmalfeldt assumed that that was the case and presented his speculations as fact. When Lee Stranahan ignored his demand to see the model releases Schmalfeldt assumed the worse about Lee Stranahan: that he had something to hide. Of course, other explanations were also completely consistent with the facts. For instance, Lee Stranahan wanted to protect the privacy of his models, Lee Stranahan didn’t want play the role of the accuse needing to prove his innocence when it is the accuser’s burden to show guilt, Lee Stranahan didn’t think it was any of BS’s business, and Lee Stranahan believed Bill Schmalfeldlt to be a lunatic criminally harassing him are also completely consistent with the facts.

    When dealing with Bill Schmalfeldt you have to understand that being consistent with known facts is his definition of not “lying.” His definition of truthfulness includes presenting speculation as fact. That is the exact opposite of the Truth. The Truth is that presenting speculation as fact is inherently a lie and remains a lie even if the underlying speculation happens to be correct. Every time further information comes out that disproves one of his speculations Bill Schmalfeldt reacts indignantly to suggestions that he had been caught lying yet again.

    4) To Bill Schmalfeldt the real issue is whatever is most convenient to his position. Now, since Brett Kimberlin has been caught red-handed in series of felonies magically all of Schmalfeldt’s concerns over questions of guilt or innocence have morphed into a discussion of the motives of Kimberlin’s critics.

    • ” Thus, since he didn’t see copies of model releases for photos shoot by Lee Stranahan it is completely consistent with the facts known to Bill Schmalfeldt that Lee Stranahan had photographed under-aged models.”

      Consider the crowd Schmalfeldt hangs out with. Perhaps he jumped to that conclusion because he’s seen it in other cases?

  6. The entire BK Crime Family uses the same tactic – a proven one since kindergarten – which is to hit first and pretend that the return strike was the instigation.

    But all orients around protecting Brett Kimberlin’s little non profit scam.

    • Indeed.

      On this page, I will now reveal a dirty little Right Wing Secret: there is no money for the base. There are no payments to “Breitbots.” The left views the right through the lenses of its own experience, and democrats have been funding ACORN and other operations like it for decades, so many of them think that the right operates the same way. Unlike the left, the movers and shakers on the right do NOT try to harness their base to achieve political goals; they hate their base, (*Karl Rove* cough* cough) and try to do end runs around them all the time. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are EXCEPTIONS.

      My point? Hoge, McCain, Walker, etc., do not have piles of dough rolling in the door. They do not run nonprofits. Contrast and compare: In the past 8 years or so, Kimberlin has raked in about $1.6 million in donations that we know of . . . I am not including his “fundraising” for Pussy Riot in Russia. Where did the money go? He lives in his mother’s basement and has no assets. He would not pay his wife’s MEDICAL bills until Hoge publicized this last year. He snatches videos made by others and posts them on his website, so their is no original production work. Where in blazes did all the money go? And if I were on Team K, and I was one of the rubes NOT getting paid, I’d be asking myself that question a whole lot.

  7. My personal belief is that this dramatic conversion was precipitated only by the fact that he realizes with the series of setbacks he has recently recently encountered, he may actually do jail time for competing for the title of “World’s Biggest Creep”.

    If you look at the interactions with people on his timeline over the last day or so, he stills believes he had the right to go after Stranahan over the death of his newborn daughter etc, etc, etc.

    He has no remorse for any of his actions. He sowed the wind and is about to reap the whirlwind; but miraculously finds salvation at the 11th hour.

    It’s crap. Every (guilty) person charged with a crime knows that repentance is a great tool in easing sentencing. Have you noticed any celebrities entering rehab after any drug-related instances. In most cases, it’s not just because they wanted to, but because they know judges look favourably on it. From personal work experience I know that inmates coming up to sentencing or parole find God because it looks good (Dennis Miller did a funny bit on this).

    His past seemingly sociopathic actions should earn him no compassion when a time of judgement is upon him. I hope they find a nice cell for him with a cellmate who appreciates his “satire”.

  8. Here is a question. Schmalfeldt made some sort of peace agreement with Ali. He is now on Twitter saying ” I am just sharing my concern that what Mr. Akbar and I have achieved today can be placed in peril by the loose talk of commenters who have an entertainment interest in the war continuing. @Ali should do whatever he deems necessary to keep our peace accord alive, since these comments are loathsome and untrue. Thanks again, @ali.”

    He made an agreement with Ali. No disrespect to Ali, but he doesn’t own this blog. Mr. Hoge does. If Mr. Hoge wants to moderate the comments here…well his house, his rules. Schmalfeldt made the very bad decision to post Ali and Hoge’s entire podcast and had it taken down due to a DMCA request. He made a worse decision to re post it somewhere else. Now all of a sudden he wants peace with Ali. (I suspect it was to avoid any more unpleasant charges being filed against him) So great. Him and Ali are now pals. But no, that isn’t enough for Schmalfeldt. Somehow he thinks Ali can wave a magic wand and make everyone stop commenting on him. I would suggest that if Schmalfeldt wants people to stop commenting on him that he reach out to everyone individually and sincerely apologize for all the vile baseless lies he has told. He should also come clean about his relationship with Kimberlin.

    • Schmalfeldt comment is pretty much breaking the agreement into which he allegedly entered. A “truce” is characterized by a cessation of hostilities. A “surrender” is characterized by the capitulator taking a subservient attitude. Apperently, Schmalfeldt is assuming Ali has rolled on his back and urinated upon himself. In a genuine “truce,” if Schmalfeldt can expect Ali to act to stop third parties from criticizing him, then Ali should be able to expect Bill Schmalfeldt to ask the likes of Neal Raushauser and Brett Kimberlin to back off from their anonymous criticisms of folks including Tetyana Kimberlin, John Hoge and Aaron Walker. I anxiously await Schmalfeldt telling his remaining handful of listeners that Tetyana has taken the rational decision to leave Brett Kimberlin, and that she has every right to file the criminal charges she has filed.

    • Oh, well. Today, he is tweeting that BK helped him out, and that the extent of his relationship is that they’ve met up to 8 times. A few months ago, he tweeted that BK was a “FRIEND,” capitalized. BS still views the same old comments as somehow new “attacks” that he has not addressed before, so he is compelled to swat at gnats, which is what we are in the bigger picture. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

      The bottom line is that all of these people are grown men who do not own each other and do not speak for each other.

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