OPSEC or Operational Security is the process of protecting little bits of data that could be grouped together to give the bigger picture. During my service in the Signal Corps, a significant portion of my work revolved around keeping information hidden from potential enemy access.

I especially remember one particular breach of OPSEC in Viet Nam. There was a major who thought that he was too important to have to bother with the rules. One day, he got in a hurry and decided that he didn’t have to get up and walk a couple of hundred feet to where an encrypted radio was installed. He used the radio in his jeep to send a very brief message that would have no tactical value after about a half-hour. The VC were listening, they figured out what was going on, and—15 minutes later—a landing zone took mortar fire just as a general’s helicopter was landing. There were no casualties, except for that major’s career.

Here’s another example of poor OPSEC. pbrstreetgang.org is one of the domains associated with others owned or controlled by Team Kimberlin. Bill Schmalfeldt published an email with this header just over a week ago. The version below has part of the Bcc line redacted. The original doesn’t. Can you bust someone back to a rank lower than Cabin Boy?BSmailheader


UPDATE—Several people have wondered how I received an email not addressed me. I didn’t. A .png image of the email was published on Twitter.confessiontweet

6 thoughts on “OPSEC

  1. I visit this site out of curiousity and a genuine sympathy for those beset by TK. I especially commiserate for BK’s former wife and children, especially in view of the horrors they have had to endure!

    However, I must suggest that this post only allows TK to learn from their mistakes rather that to carelessly continue to provide you with useful intelligence. George Smiley would not make that mistake!!

    Warmest Regards,

    A Friend

  2. I am posting this on 8/15. BS has no recollection that he himself tweeted this confession letter all over the Internet. He is the one who did it under his @/radiowms twitter handle. He needs to step away from the keyboard.

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