Living in Mom’s Basement

That’s something I never did, although when Mrs. Hoge and I were just married, we did some housesitting for a relative for about a year.

Brett Kimberlin has raised his family living in an open area of his mother’s basement. Tetyana Kimberlin says that until recently only furniture divided the area into “rooms.” She also says that for a while during the middle years of the last decade, Craig Gillette lived in that space with the family.

It seems that every day I learn something else that increases the creep factor for Brett Kimberlin.

Little girls living in an open space with a guy who was served federal time for child porn.


Tetyana’s Fund.

26 thoughts on “Living in Mom’s Basement

  1. “Creep factor”? You mean like the one that exists from constantly stalking and writing every detail about the guy?

    • If you can provide evidence of any time that I have stalked Brett Kimberlin, he would love to have it. He has never been able to document such activity. OTOH, an air-tight case is developing about his stalking of at least six individuals, but for the time being, the details are a matter for law enforcement rather than publication.

      I write about significantly less than what I provably know about Brett Kimberlin. To write more would 1) burn sources and 2) allow for the destruction of evidence.

      • It’s “stalking” in the sense of endless investigation and reportage about someone who nobody but a handful of people care about. It has absolutely no bearing on anything of relevance or significance in the greater world. You’re a bunch of hairdressers and old ladies watching the person you dislike from behind the shades across the street. It’s creepy. That’s what I mean by stalking. Does the phrase “get a life” mean anything to you? Is this really the best of use of the time that you put into it? Have you nothing better to do? Ten years from now, when you look back at all the hours you’ve spent obsessing on this one guy, are you really going to be proud of how you used your life?

      • Here’s an idea for Kman….Go start your own blog to write about whoever you want. See? Wasn’t that easy? Oh, and before you toddle off to start that blog, do me the kindness of answer just two questions…

        1. Since there is now undisputed sworn testimony in court that Kimberlin had sex multiple times while in his 40’s with a 14 year old girl, will you condemn him for it?

        2. We now know that Kimberlin let a convicted pedo sleep in the same room with his young daughters. Doesn’t that creep you out in the least?

      • Kman,

        First of all, I would note that “hairdressers” are men and women who work and use the money they earn working to do such as support their children. That is stark contrast to Neil Raushauser who has no visible means of support and fails to meet his child support obligations.

        As to your use of the term “…in the sense…” to accuse people of “stalking” is in formal logic a non sequitur. In the vernacular, your argument is full of shit. You might as well say, “Brett Kimberlin is a murderer in the sense his guitar playing is so bad that most listeners would rather be dead rather than have to endure his drivel.”

        You can post at length about how you conveniently claim too few people “care,” but, that is utterly irrelevant. The real point is that people ought to care. What Brett Kimberlin has done, such as trafficking a child to repeatedly rape her, is outrageous as a matter of fact. Bill Schmalfeldt thinks he has something worthwhile to say and says it. Now, I think that Bill Schmalfeldt is a nutter, that his support for any particular cause is a net minus for that cause, and, that he repeatedly crosses the line of both common decency and legality, but, I would not begrudge him from speaking out merely because he has a mere handful of unique followers.

        As to your admonition to “get a life” I would merely note it is predicated on the belief that participating on this website is problematic. You are participating here. Kman, feel free to participate here, but, spare me hypocritical and sanctimonious posturings. In the vernacular, I am informing you that, while you might not know it, after defecating your product is in fact odiferous.

    • The blog here is a far cry from writing every detail, but it does enlighten the masses of Kimberlin’s frame of mind and by proxy thou’s around him. To better understand him I read “Citizen K” and was deeply disturbed that someone with his background and mindset could be paroled. He has never shown remorse for his actions and continues to blame others for misfortunes that beset him. As a father of teenage daughter, I wouldn’t want THIS person, or anyone from his crew anywhere near her. Mr. Hogg and other blogger’s are turning on the lights and watching the cockroaches scurry, about time someone added some disinfectant to the disease. I think my old bumper sticker would fit this occasion: “Quick, the gene pool needs more chlorine”.

      Creep factor is what you give me by defending him.

      • But rkunkle, nobody has given me a reason why I should care about THIS creep, as opposed to many far worse creeps out there (like that Castro guy in Cleveland, or literally hundreds of other ex-cons). Why obsess specifically over THIS guy?

        • You are free to care about who or what you wish. I have taken and maintain an interest in Brett Kimberlin for lots of reasons.

          1. He has a proven body count.
          2. He has used lawfare in the form of bogus civil actions to attack blogger’s First Amendment rights, including mine.
          3. He has filed false criminal charges to attack blogger’s First Amendment rights and personal freedom, including mine.
          4. There is documentation supporting his having sex with an underage girl.

      • Kman would only care if it was a Republican or conservative. If you’re a “progressive activist”, OTOH, there isn’t a line that can be crossed.

      • Replying to Kman,

        Brett Kimberlin is a public person who sought notoriety for himself and his crimes. Citizen K attests to that fact. Unfortunately, his attempts at seeking notoriety for himself did not end with the widespread perception that he was a political prisoner, but, rather that he was a conman and fraud who was guilty as charged. The fame he tried to achieve for singing about having sex with teenage girls ended up as infamy for repeatedly traveling abroad to repeatedly rape a child, and then traffick her back into the United States to further rape her.

        Turns out that trafficking children to rape them is a crime with a statute of limitation ten years after the death of victim. Presumably, this to allow those sexually exploited as children to seek justice as adults. [Presumably, the extra ten years ends perverse incentives.] Tetyana Kimberlin has sought justice for herself. We are a nation of laws, and those laws say Brett Kimberlin ought to be arrested, tried, convicted and sentence to prison for a number of decades.

        It is an open scandal that Brett Kimberlin is not behind bars as we speak. Whether you like that fact, or not, it is the truth. No matter how much you try to shift the issue to ad hominems about his critics it remains the truth.

    • Ahhh, Kman. Are you bored? Trolling Frey’s site not doing it for you anymore?

      If you’re so disinterested in this guy, then why are you here? Because it sounds like you are VERY interested in Brett Kimberlin.

  2. With more and more facts coming out I’m amazed that people like Schmalfeldt and Melissa Brewer continue to defend the guy. He is provably a pedo and now we find out he had a convicted pedo living with his family. What will it take for Schmalfeldt and Brewer to realize their master and hero is nothing more than a common criminal playing them for fools?

  3. To paraphrase Kman:

    “Look! A squirrel! An alligator!”

    Don’t worry, Kman, no one is fooled, nor will we stop until The Dread Pedo Kimberlin is brought to justice.

    No one is stalking TDPK. However, investigating his activities through public documents, conversations with his current and former associates, and documenting his public activities is lawful, permissible, and, in the case of a bomber, drug-dealer, and serial pedophile, the socially responsible thing to do.

  4. Who are the parole board members who voted to free this basement-dwelling trogodyte kid-raper?

    There is no form of life lower or more contemptible than a pedophile or child molester. And there’s no justification for letting such monsters live, not with the long-term damage they cause and the near-guaranteed chance of repeat offenses.

    Slow public death by torture is the only response that has any chance of modifying their behavior. We might not be able to cure them, but we can sure try to scare them into suppressing their urges.

    But the people who enable or protect pedophiles & child molesters are barely less contemptible. As proof, I offer [everything Bill Schmalfeldt has ever said or written].

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