Xenophon the Troll

We interrupt this blog for a brief announcement …

Xenophon, the troll not the hero, has a post up this morning at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) attacking Ken White (aka Popehat) for his work supporting bloggers who have been attacked by the First Amendment trolls of Team Kimberlin. Her post contains a significant number of false claims of criminal activity by Ken White, Aaron Walker, and me. Here is my comment on her post:


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4 thoughts on “Xenophon the Troll

  1. Yeah I read that nonsense on BU. Clearly Ken’s well written post stung someone’s poor fee fees. But seriously to describe Ken White as right wing – ha ha ha. I think I might just die of laughter. I guess if they don’t agree with someone it must all be some “right wing conspiracy”. What a bunch of nuts behind BU. Seriously.

  2. Heh. Just shows how fundamentally stupid and/or dishonest Team Kimberlin is.

    The people I’ve helped directly or indirectly include:

    –A skeptic/atheist threatened with a lawsuit for calling a naturopath a “quack”
    –A blogger sued for writing about the Steubenville rape case (for which Lee Stranahan was irritated with me)
    –An AIDS activist sued for writing about AIDs denialism
    –Members of the skeptic and SciFi communities facing potential legal threats for talking about sexual harassment in those communities

    And those are just ones with any tinge of politics. There’s plenty that are apolotical.

    Team Kimberlin is full of shit.

    • The Brett Kimberlin Crime Family is indeed full of shit. But they are beyond that. These are criminals flailing about as their enterprises collapse.

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