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Tetyana Kimberlin has been trying to get herself and her children away from Brett Kimberlin for several years. During that time, he as used mentally abusive tactics to keep her and her children bound to him.

Brett Kimberlin met Tetyana in Ukraine when she was 14. He brought her to Maryland and had sexual intercourse with her while she was still 15. That is the basis of her charging him with sexual offense in the third degree, what most people would call statutory rape. He obtained a marriage license using forged documents and married her when she was 16. The legal age for marriage without parental consent in Maryland is 18. Brett has filed baseless petitions for protective orders and involuntary commitments against Tetyana. She is in the process of divorcing him and seeking custody of her children.

The older daughter is about the same age as Tetyana was when Brett began his seduction of her. The younger daughter is almost the same age as Debbie Barton when Brett took up with her. Debbie Barton is the girl from Indiana whose grandmother was murdered after Brett claim she was harassing him by keeping Debbie away.

Zoa Barnes is representing Tetyana in her legal fight. Tetyana’s initial legal expenses have been underwritten by a pair of generous donors, but more funds need to be raised to carry on what could be a prolonged court fight.

Additionally, Tetyana is losing her apartment because of Brett’s continued harassment of her landlord. She will need help resettling.

If you want to help, click on the Tetyana’s Fund link in the menu bar; there’s a PayPal donate button at the bottom of that page. Hogewash! is underwriting all of the administrative costs of Tetyana’s Fund. After PayPal takes their cut, 100% of all funds donated will go toward Tetyana’s legal expenses and the costs of resettling her and her children in a safe place.

10 thoughts on “Tetyana’s Fund

  1. Donate till it bleeds guys. I put in a healthy initial donation and I plan on making a recurring donation every month until this thing is over. This isn’t about Kimberlin targeting bloggers anymore. This is about those kids and their mother.

    Donate till it bleeds.

  2. I will look to get some funds to you via fedex. Meanwhile I would like to know more details of what happened with the landlord. What was said to them by who, etc.

    Also, is she able to find someone else to stay with in the meantime and can it be done confidentially?

  3. Challenge: any time CBBS tweets about Ali, penises, Breitbots, Hoge, Patterico, McCain, Stranhan, or Walker, poop, penises, doo doo, nut sacks- someone donate to Tetyana’s fund!

    • Crikey!! I stumbled across one looking for reportage from this morning’s hearings. He really cannot refrain from using the language of a fifth grade boy’s lavatory.

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