#Goundswell and Truthiness

Team Kimberlin has not had a good summer as far as PR is concerned. Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt got a peace order slapped on him. Pedi Officer No-Class Gillette got outed as an ex-con who did federal time for kiddie porn and who seems to be an unregistered sex offender. The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s family issues hit the courts and his wife has accused him of having sex with her while she was underage and not married causing the Dread Pirate title to morph into Dread Pedo. And those are just the highlights.

Last week, Team Kimberlin tried to use the Mother Jones story as a basis to spin up some kind of tale to distract from their bad publicity. But timing is everything. Tetyana Kimberlin’s charges against Brett overwhelmed the Groundswell.

It’s a real shame. They seem to have had a really good story cooked up about how Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, and the rest of us are in the pay of some soooper seekrit conservative conspiracy to … what … get Brett Kimberlin. Oh, gimme a break. TDPK is a pain in the butt to a bunch of us bloggers and a blight on the First Amendment, but very few A-list folks even know who he is, let alone care. I see him as a common criminal who should be brought to justice.

It would have been great to be on someone’s payroll. Being retired has reduced my cash flow, and the only money I receive from blogging comes via my Tip Jar. Feel free to hit it.

14 thoughts on “#Goundswell and Truthiness

  1. Watch out John,

    Cabin Boy has a countdown timer for “The End of the World (As they Know It)”.

    Scary. Boo.

    Although you might want to rename the “Tip Jar” as the “Hoge Legal Defense” fund. But don’t worry. This whole Groundswell thing is nothing for you to worry about. You just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about a THING! NOTHING for you to worry about Hoge! Nothing at all. Least of which is the countdown calendar posted in my sidebar. I wouldn’t pay any attention to THAT at ALL! NOTHING to see here, Hoge! Just keep spewing and spouting hatred, telling your lies, and everything will be JUST fine. Keep telling yourself that until you believe it. EVERYTHING will be JUST fine, and you have NOTHING to worry about. NOT A FUCKING THING!!!!”

    Any idea why Cabin Boy is off the rails today?

    • Hmmmm, that clock times out a noon on Sunday, 15 September. I guess I’ll have something special to pray about in church that morning.

      • I don’t dismiss these guys as just kooks. Even kooks can be dangerous. I would let your attorney know, and let LEOs know that someone might call in a SWATting, or a wellness check.

    • You know, perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt should be careful about posting countdown clocks on his website, combined with ominous warnings about the well-being of the declared target of his fixation. Considering that Bill Schmalfeldt’s buddy is convicted bomber, Brett Kimberlin…law enforcement might just construe that as a terroristic threat.

      Somehow I doubt that Brett Kimberlin would appreciate the ATF showing up with a warrant to search all of the properties associated with him for bomb-making materials. Because, well…he IS a bomber. And Bill Schmalfeldt’s post is just obsessively creepy.

      Did I mention they’re buddies?

    • Yeah, well they need to have some grand conspiracy to go after their purported enemies with. Mainly because they got so trounced on after the Journolist debacle. And now they’re being shot down for their secret meetings at the White House and DoJ. It’s corrupt and they know it, so now they have to manufacture some corruption on the Republican side. Unfortunately, this administration is so diseased, that no amount of Republican wrongdoing is gonna matter at this point.

  2. I see the Cabin Boy has along post where he, as a “journalist” concluces everyone is lying about Kimberlin. The mind boggles at the stupidity.

    • Yes, criminal convictions are “tainted” sources in his mind. BS will never admit that he is wrong.

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