Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

From p. 79 of Mark Singer’s Citizen K:DredPedoKmbrln

“Hey, we don’t have any hang-ups about nudity. if that’s what your getting at, ” he said. “When you make a big deal out or these things if affects kids, but when you don’t make a big deal there’s no consequence. That’s just the way things were. Very informal. Shit. Sometimes I’d go out there and weed the garden nude for two hours. Sometimes when I’d go to my property down South, I’d swim nude. Sandi would sometimes swim nude. My sister and her friends would swim nude. My mother still sees me naked. Hell, my sister, growing up in our house, probably saw more dicks than most women do in a lifetime. It was no big deal. Nudity was no big deal to me.”

UPDATE—It’s for the children. Really.

1 thought on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I have a question about Tetyana Kimberlin. Brett Kimberlin had her enter the country at age 15. Fifteen year-old are suppose to attend high school. Did she attend high school in Maryland for three years? When it was revealed that Kimberlin had sexually assaulted her repeatedly when she was fifteen everyone seemed to focus on Brett Kimberlin the pedophile, or Brett Kimberlin the trafficker of human beings. There are laws against statutory rape for a reason. It is not merely that sexually predating on young people is immoral. As a society we have taken the decision we want young people to do things like finish their education, gain some experience and maturity, and even finish their physical growth before entering the adult world. Brett Kimberlin robbed Tetyana of all those things. Even if Brett Kimberlin enrolled her in the tenth grade, which I seriously doubt, she still would have been placed in a school with instructor who spoke an alien language. Surely, a Ukrainian speaker would learn math better from a teacher speaking Ukrainian rather than English.

    Aaron Walker and John Hoge have both described Tetyana Kimberlin as an intelligent person. In an ideal world she could have been a doctor, or engineer. In the world we live in she could have been a lawyer or politician. She works at a daycare center. We have laws against statutory rape for a reason. The expression of the perverse lust of the adult harms the life prospects of the child. There is no forgiving what Brett Kimberlin did to Tetyana.

    I have read stories of the trafficking of Slavic women in the West. One of recurring themes is the traffickers lure the women with promises of legitimate jobs. Once outside their native countries they confiscate their passports and burn them before their eyes. In one act they move outside of the protection of the law. Then they sell them into prostitution.

    When Bill Schmalfeldt threated Tetyana Kimberlin with deportation he did essentially the same thing. What’s the difference between directly burning a passport and declaring you can have it rescinding with a single phone call? Bill Schmalfeldt has done many despicable things. I have to say that after his tormenting the Stranahans over the loss of their baby this is the worst. Sure, Schmalfeldt’s bloviating has no basis in the law, but, to try to exploit the possibly legal naivety of a person born abroad with a limited education is beneath contempt. [And, as a person who allegedly entered into the United States illegally as a child is your leftist “talking point” that she is a “dreamer” who should be granted citizenship?]

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