And It’s Only Thursday

It’s been a bumpy ride for Team Kimberlin and some of us covering The Continuing Saga.

On Sunday, Tetyana Kimberlin filed for her own protective order against Brett Kimberlin. She also charged that he had sex with her while she was underage, what is commonly called statutory rape and is formally called sex offense in the third degree in Maryland. Also, Hogewash! published a picture of Brett taken at BlogBash.

On Monday, there was a hearing in District Court for Brett’s petition for a protective order. His temporary order was extended to allow time for a report from Child Protective Services. Brett then took to Twitter using his @BreitbartUnmask account to post a copy of a bogus travel document he had obtained for Tetyana that “proved” she was 18 when they married. Within minutes, references to documents he had submitted with her correct date of birth were being posted on the Internet.

On Tuesday, there was a hearing in District Court for Tetyana’s petition for a protective order. It was granted and both protective order cases were combined with her child custody petition in Circuit Court. During the hearing, Brett tried to involve Aaron Walker in the case. The case was assigned to the same Circuit Court judge who heard Kimberlin v. Allen and who awarded Brett only $100 rather than the $2+ million he sought, explaining that the award was based solely on Allen’s default. That probably isn’t good news for Brett. Brett violated the protective order as Tetyana was leaving the courtroom by having a JTMP employee named Craig Gillette accost her in the hall. Finally, Brett tried to counterpunch by charging Aaron Walker and me with harassing him. The charges are rubbish, and he has bought himself even more trouble by filing them.

Wednesday was Craig Gillette’s day. Working together with Stacy McCain, members of the Vast Hogewash Research Organization uncovered evidence of Gillette’s criminal record. The Other McCain broke the news of Gillette’s federal prison sentence for possession of child pornography, and this blog followed up minutes later with court documents and a report of Gillette’s absence from the Sex Offender Registry. McCain has his follow ups here and here.

Through the whole week, Bill Schmalfeldt has continued his campaign to further beclown himself on copyright issues. The Cabin Boy has stated his distaste for pedophiles, but has not yet (as I’m writing this) come out against child porn. Given his own publication of homoerotic porn that he admits is obscene, his refusal to comment on child porn … Oh, never mind. I just checked before hitting the Publish button to see what Schmalfeldt might be tweeting. He’s still supporting The Dread Pedo Kimberlin.

Those are just a few highlights for the week. We were told by Team Kimberlin to expect big news on Monday. They thought the week would be about their Groundswell meme. It’s been more of a sinkhole thus far. And it is only Thursday. I think most of today’s action will be behind the scenes.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—It didn’t take long for the Cabin Boy to begin touting the nolle prossing of his latest harassment charge by the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office. The decision was taken over 10 days ago, so I didn’t include it in a summary of this week so far.

Now, the Gentle Reader may wonder how I knew about the State’s Attorney’s decision well before Bill Schmalfeldt. The answer boils down to actually doing journalism rather than claiming to be a journalist. It’s the same method by which I know which other governmental agencies are still investigating the matter that the HoCo SA dropped. For now.

The fat lady has not yet sung. She’s just starting to warm up.

12 thoughts on “And It’s Only Thursday

  1. Maybe there’s a reason why he never mentions his first wife, or why his kids from his first marriage don’t seem to talk to him.

  2. Like you, I just checked his tweets, which appear to be about Tetyana. He is suggesting she could be deported if the documents were forged. The answer is no, she wouldn’t be. If the documents were forged and she was indeed a minor and is not a US citizen, she would be considered to be a victim of human trafficking, and *could be* granted amnesty under the law. This would be a great human interest story: Democrats want to deport victim of child sexual trafficking to protect Democrat operative. I find it interesting that instead of condemning, at a minimum, the revelations about Craig Gillette, Cabin Boy is attacking the victim of alleged statutory rape.

      • Then this is a complete non-starter and, I suspect, a form of psy-ops meant to terrorize her. Her citizenship will not be revoked, period. She is a US citizen and should vigorously exercise her rights without fear of being deported.

    • This reminds me of Schmalfeldt’s threatening a women in Wisconsin to provide him the information he thought she had else he would report to the Child Protective Services and she would lose her two children.

      • You mean this piece of fine investigative journalism? No wonder he was top of his class! He does love him some threats doesn’t he?

    • “This would be a great human interest story: Democrats want to deport victim of child sexual trafficking to protect Democrat operative”

      The press would never touch that story, any more than they’ve reported Kimberlin’s history recently.

      He’s PROTECTED. That is an essential fact: HE. IS. PROTECTED. The primary reason is likely his part in attacking Quayle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t more he’s involved in.

  3. Exactly, the deportation threat is more of Kimberlin’s evil attempts to intimidate a young woman. His only skill.

    She won’t be deported in any circumstances.

  4. Some in your readership may have actual first-hand experience and knowledge of this topic, unlike a high-school graduate, wannabe-journalist cyberstalker.

  5. Re your PO: BS is (erroneously) claiming that the PO prohibits others from mentioning him, as it prohibits him from mentioning you. He then proceeds to mention you in numerous tweets, such as this one:
    “@antvq16 Cease and desist all contact with me, all mentions of me, @mentions #mentions or other mentions. I claim same rights as Hoge.”
    So, according to his own avowed standards, he has repeatedly violated the peace order in just a few minutes. Genius, that one.

    • If I understand it correctly, and please correct me if I’m wrong, if BluberingCryBaby were to ask you to stop tweeting him you should stop tweeting to the @BluberingCryBaby account. This is considered communication. However, you can talk ABOUT BluberingCryBaby or hashtag #BluberingCryBaby all you want as these are considered to be about him not to him.

      • IANAL, and this is not legal advice:

        Maryland’s harassment law prohibits continued communication intended to harass, alarm, or seriously annoy someone after being placed on notice to stop. It does not negate one’s First Amendment right to communicate with third parties.

        Bill Schmalfeldt was found to be harassing me and the judge found that he was likely to continue, so a peace order was issued. The order requires that Schmalfledt not contact, attempt to contact, or harass me for 6 months. It says nothing about @ mentions or # hashtags. Neither have I. He is not to contact me by any means—internet, phone, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, or whatever. Period. He’s also not supposed to attempt to contact me or harass me. Period. That includes silly workarounds that he might try on Twitter or his talk show.

        Samples of his behavior were presented to a District Court Commissioner, and she found probable cause to issue a summons for 5 counts of violating the order. The matter is in the State’s Attorney’s hands for now.

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