Justice Through Music Project, Soooper Promoters

Gentle Reader, I’ll bet you didn’t know how critical having their music on the Justice Through Music Project has been for so many recording artists. What follows is from a press release dated in 2006. The subject of Craig Gillette’s PR release was the work JTMP was doing to promote a Neal Young album. I really liked this bit:

Justice Through Music has been a pioneer for the past five years in using famous bands and artists to promote civil rights. More and more artists are coming to JTM to get out their political message, including recently, Pink, Eminem, the Dixie Chicks, and many others.

JTMP’s incorporation papers show a start up date in 2003 but I suppose that Brett Kimberlin could have be operating the organization as an unincorporated entity for a couple of years. He was released from prison in 2001.

<snark>And I’m gratified to know how JTMP was so helpful to struggling acts like Pink, Eminem, the Dixie Chicks. Who knows? Maybe one day Brett Kimberlin will put that same powerful soooper promotion behind his own musical career.</snark>

5 thoughts on “Justice Through Music Project, Soooper Promoters

  1. I wonder what those artists would think of being included on that list when clearly they did NOT go to JTMP to promote themselves. I wonder what liability the non profit faces for lies like that?

    • First, they’d have to know of the mention, and imagine my lack of surprise if they and their managements had not the remotest notion that they were using JTMP to promote their political messages. The other possibility, is that JTMP called the publicity office of any of the named acts, and asked if the artist approved of artistic freedom, et voila! They support the Cause!

      It’s puffery of the crudest sort.

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