#CraigGillette: Possession of Child Pornography

Here is the docket for Craig Richard Gillette’s criminal case in the Eastern District of Virginia. The federal charge was Possession of Child Pornography.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain and Patterico are on the case too.

18 thoughts on “#CraigGillette: Possession of Child Pornography

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  2. Hmmm, that should be helpful to Tatyana’s argument in a couple of weeks …

    BK really is as arrogantly stupid as one would think.

  3. I always wondered why Brett Kimberlin would rent a house in Cabin John. The costs of running an “office” in Cabin John between paying rent, utilities, and upkeep the cost would be thousands a month. Kimberlin curries favor with politicians at their offices. He solicits money on the internet. His “work” seems to consist of little more than posting an infrequent article on one of his two non-profits websites. He could do that from his laptop.

    My first suspicion was that Kimberlin left Tetyana and the kids to fend for themselves in the cramped house while he hung out at his pimped out crib in Cabin John. Rumors have circulated that the Cabin John office had been used as a flophouse. Maybe Federal Prison wasn’t the only place the power was shut off to his electric guitar. But, the recent revelations suggests it might be much worse.

    The first question is where exactly does Craig Gillette work? Does he come to the Cabin John office? Does he have access to the computers at Cabin John?

    The second question I have is did Tetyana work at Cabin John? I suspect her duties were limited to dutifully drawing a salary and ferrying the kids in a company car. If she didn’t go to Cabin John, I suggest it is a big red flag for a husband to spend thousands of dollars a month solely to obtain internet access outside the presence of his wife.

    It was always a red flag to me that after his first release Kimberlin pursued business opportunities in the Ukraine. Here was the spectacle of a convicted smuggler document forger and known drug smuggler doing business where there might just be rogue military equipment, including nuclear weapons, available on the black market. At the time, it was also a center of child pornography in the world.

    If the testimony of Tetyana Kimberlin is to be believed, and I have no reason to doubt that she was being anything other than 100% truthful, we know he was there for more than business. He successfully pursued sex with an underage girl. Forged documentation was used to traffic her into the country. When Tetyana Kimberlin testified Brett Kimberlin possessed naked pictures of Debbie Barton another huge red flag was raised.

    What’s going on in Cabin John? It makes me wonder.

    • Those are all interesting questions and speculations. Pretend for a moment that I or someone else working this story or someone in law enforcement knows the some or all of the answers. Why would we tip our hand to The Dread Pedo Kimberlin?

      The stuff that’s about to come out has to be true because no one could make it up.

      Stay tuned.

      • I’m sure that are a lot more aspects to this case being investigated as we speak. Given the nature of the offense I find it odd that Gillette wouldn’t be on supervised release. Since he meet Kimberlin in prison, Gillette has always had personal knowledge that Kimberlin was a convicted felons. I thought convicted felons weren’t suppose to associate with each other. Too bad he wasn’t restricted from possessing photographic equipment. How high-end was the camera he used at BlogBash?

        It is always correct to not tip your hand. While I and Brett Kimberlin don’t know what will be coming out next, Brett Kimberlin knows what could out next. I wouldn’t want to be him about now. I can see why the DPBK would be desperate to brainwash his two daughters that their mother was mentally ill. The truth is not his friend.

        Frankly, you should go long popcorn makers.

  4. Birds of a feather and all that! I am sure t5he Vast Hogewash Research Organization has been digging dutifully and BigSkyBob’s questions have been on their priority list … I also like the change in nomenclature for BK: The Dread Pedophile Brett Kimberlin. Fits like a glove and as we know, if the glove fits, we must convict!

  5. Do you suppose Kimberlin’s non-profits are a front for the trafficking of children for sexual purposes?

    Lots of smoke, what kind of fire are we talking about?

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