#BrettKimberlin Violates a Protective Order?

A District Court judge granted a Temporary Protective Order to Tetyana Kimberlin against Brett Kimberlin. The judge then combined both of their protective order cases with Tetyana’s custody petition in the Circuit Court for a hearing on 12 August.

On her way out of the courtroom, Tetyana was accosted by Craig Gillette, who BlogBash attendees may remember as the protestor photographer in the blue parka. Gillette appeared to talking to her on Brett’s behalf. If that’s is the case, that would be a violation of the order before the ink on the judge’s signature was dry.

Gillette was detained by a bailiff.

I will have more to tell you about Craig Gillette in a later post.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—During the back-and-forth before the judge, Brett Kimberlin tried to bring Aaron Walker into the case by bringing up irrelevant information about a previous case (which Brett wound up losing). Aaron Walker was present in the courtroom observing. I expect that he will have a long post up later today with his analysis of the case.

UPDATE 2—Rather than have Tetyana’s testimony in the evidentiary record, Brett consented to the order.

18 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin Violates a Protective Order?

  1. These fools are so inured to the rule of law being applied to them that they believe the tiny voices in their heads that nothing will ever happen to them for their actions. Perhaps we will see the avalance of karma descend upon them. Perhaps the Popeye dictum will be the response of the courts: “I’ve had alls I can stand and I can’t stands no more!”

  2. You probably know this by now, but TDPK has filed harassment charges against you and Mr. Walker…How does he think that will work when he can’t testify? Especially since the dates are flat out bogus…

    • I think it is time to ask Ken White to send out the Popehat signal for lawyers in the D.C. area who are admitted in Maryland. Kimberlin is engaged in the suppression of free speech through the abuse of the Maryland criminal justice system. Time to file a SLAPP suit and also to get him adjudicated as a vexatious litigant.

    • Also, the Kimberlin MO will be to have them arrested when they least expect it, like when they show up for court.

    • Did this just happen today? I cannot find it in the database. He’s probably just trying to keep them from showing at his court appearances.

      • Tetyana filed her Peace Order petition on Sunday night. She filed a motion in Brett’s case yesterday afternoon. Because of her custody petition in the Circuit Court (a higher court), the District Court judge combined all the cases and kicked everything up to the Circuit Court. As of now, everything is scheduled to be heard on 12 August, and Child Protective Services is supposed to have completed their investigation by then.

  3. Day-yum!

    A shocker, but well within the realm of my suspicions of Brett Kimberlin.

    Is there anything more evil than a pedophile?

    And will the Maryland courts *finally* protect the innocent? Or punish the guilty?

  4. How is it that Maryland Child Protective Services hasn’t taken the Kimberlin girls into custody?

    This seems well within their charter!

    Ex-felon bomber, perjurer and suspected murderer, with a clear accusation of (and charge pertaining to) sexual abuse of underage female(s)…sure, that’s just the guy to be the custodial parent for two girls.

    Go ahead, Maryland CPS. Surprise me, and do your f*cking job!


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