#BrettKimberlin Makes My Day

I know that Napoleon famously said not to correct your enemy when he is making a mistake, but Brett Kimberlin is gonna need a very good lawyer. As I mentioned earlier this evening, he has charged me with harassment. And he’s similarly charged Aaron Walker. I’ll let Aaron speak for himself, but now that I’ve talked to my counsel, I have this to say.FrenchTaunt

The charge is not only bogus. It’s stupid.

Brett Kimberlin is a convicted perjurer. He can’t give testimony in court. Regardless of what he puts in an Application for Statement of Charges, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office knows that there is no competent evidence in the document because Brett Kimberlin can’t back it up with testimony in court. Gentle Reader, why do you think that the charges he filed against Jay Elliott were tossed so quickly? It could take a couple of weeks, but nolle prosequi is really the only alternative, and that means the charges are dead in the water.

But pretend that through some silly error the State’s Attorney decides to prosecute. If the information in the Maryland Judiciary Case Search database is correct, proving the charge to be false will be a trivial matter.

Yes, the charge is facially false. That opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities. Knowingly filing a false charge is a criminal offense in Maryland, and it should be easy to prove that Kimberlin knew or should have known that the information he gave was bogus.

Also, I am a potential witness in legal matters relating to Team Kimberlin in three counties in Maryland and at least two other states. Is this charge an attempt to intimidate me? If so, it won’t work, and witness intimidation is frowned upon in Maryland.

Those are only two of the possible criminal liabilities that Kimberlin may have just created for himself, as if he doesn’t have enough on his plate with sexual offense in the third degree. Of course, I have possible civil remedies as well, as if a divorce and Bill Schmalfeldt’s frivolous motions, peace order appeal, and DMCA tomfoolery wouldn’t be enough to keep him Acme Legal busy. (Meep, meep!)

popcorn4bkThen there’s a potential problem stemming from how he may have used corporate assets of Justice Through Music Project to engage in his harassment aimed at BlogBash last March. Advocacy is one thing. Stalking is something else.

The Team Kimberlin ship has a big hole below the water line, and it looks like The Dread Pirate Kimberlin has opened the scuttlecocks.

11 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin Makes My Day

  1. Got two words for Kimberlin, Streisand Effect. IMO, Kimberlin counted on everyone he tried to intimidate to “tuck tail and run”. Earlier it was Patterico, Stranahan and then he picked on Walker thinking he would be an easy mark. WRONG! After Walker it was McCain (big mistake, as McCain is like a rabid bulldog when he is on a story, God Bless Him). And then he chose to try and intimidate Mr. Hoge. Mr. Hoge reminds me of a member of the 7th Cavalry in the true story, “We were Soldiers Once…And Young” by the name of Basil Plumley (Google his name, its worth it). They said, if I’m not mistaken that Basil was, A Good Ole Shitkicker!

    Well now that this whole Kimberlin story has blown wide open, I will close this post with another line from the same book. Team Hoge (all of those mentioned in this post and others I may not know) are definitely hitting Team Kimberlin, “Over the Head with a Sack of Shit!”

    Carry On Soldiers! Carry On!

    • Strangely narcissitic sociopaths and con men, like BK, are not intimidated by the Streisand Effect because they don’t think that anyone won’t magically fall for their BS when they encounter him/her.

      • I agree. Maybe I should have qualified what I meant. If it weren’t for Twitter I would have never found the post that Walker wrote aka The Kimberlin Saga. This began my journey of following the story and I am sure there are a lot of others who came to know this story the same way.

  2. Bill thinks he is going to testify on behalf of BK. As incapacitated as he claims to be, rarely being able to leave his home, I am not sure what he will have the standing to testify to. And, following Napoleon’s advice, I will leave it at that.

  3. Am I reading right in the database that Kimberlin claimed you’re 7’7 and 150 lbs?
    Is he on drugs?

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