Brett Kimberlin: Pedophile?

There is a hearing on today’s docket of the District Court in Montgomery County, Maryland, for a case called Brett Kimberlin v. Tetyana Kimberlin. Last Monday, Brett Kimberlin secured a Temporary Peace Order against his wife. A final hearing is scheduled for this morning. Brett Kimberlin is seeking custody of the children.

Mrs. Kimberlin has begun the process of divorcing her husband.

I had lunch with Tetyana Kimberlin yesterday and was able to interview her at length. Most of that interview must remain off the record because of legal matters that are pending, but I can post the following:

Brett Kimberlin makes a number of allegations in his petition for the peace order. Tetyana (at this point I’m going to use first names for the sake of brevity) denies them all. She denies ever threatening to injure either of her daughters or herself. She denies that she has ever been diagnosed with any psychiatric problem or has ever been prescribed any psychiatric medication. She says she isn’t off her meds, because she’s never had any to be on.

Brett has accused her of trying to kidnap her daughters. At the time of the alleged event, both parents enjoyed joint custody. It’s not really possible for a custodial parent to kidnap her own child.

I should note that Brett has told at least three non-matching versions of his story so far, one to one judge, one to another judge, and a third in a post on Breitbart Unmasked.

Tetyana is opposed to Brett having custody of the children. She is concerned for her daughters’ safety. Tetyana says that she met Brett on the beach of the Sea of Azov when she was 14. She says that Brett brought her to America when she was 15 and married her just before her 17th birthday, while she was still 16, using fraudulent documents to obtain the marriage license. She also alleges that he had sex with her on multiple occasions while she was still 15, and that some instances occurred in Maryland. The common term for this behavior is statutory rape. In Maryland, it might be charged as sexual offense in the third degree.BK_Charged

Tetyana says her concern for her children is based on her own experience. Her older daughter is just about the same age as she was when Brett started hitting on her. Her younger daughter is almost as old as a certain little girl from Indiana.

I’m at the courthouse and will report the outcome of this morning’s hearing.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—The judge continued the case for two weeks in order to a receive a report from Child Protective Services. More later.

UPDATE 2—Stacy McCain was in the courtroom watching with me. You can find his report here.

20 thoughts on “Brett Kimberlin: Pedophile?

  1. Whoa nelly. That is some BIG news. That is like the nuclear option.
    Disgusting doesn’t even come close to covering what TDPK is alleged to have done.
    I will continue to pray for Tetyana Kimberlin and the children.

      • Most countries will not grant a visa to a convicted bomber–Canada did not allow Martha Stewart to enter. So how did he get one? And why was his passport returned to him?

  2. I hope that Tetyana finds a good way out of her situation and on to better circumstances as soon as possible.

    Meanwhile, I think everyone should be extra cautious in the coming weeks and months as I think Brett Kimberlin has a history of lashing out violently when put under pressure.

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  4. Wasn’t Kimberln convicted of forgery? Tetyana’s claim of forged documents is believable in light of that. Ans as a convicted perjurer, Kimberlin cannot testify to their legitimacy.


  6. Here is a stupid legal question that someone my be able to answer: can a 16 year old enter into a marriage without parental permission in Maryland (or whatever state they were married in)?

  7. Psalm 138:7

    Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will [a]revive me;
    You will stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies,
    And Your right hand will save me.

  8. “BIG STORY!!! Because spouses NEVER lie in divorce cases to get the kids. BIG STORY! BIG STORY! GUILTY! NO TRIAL NEEDED!!! -CBBS (Cabin Boyovich Billy S)

    And he is completely oblivious how this cuts directly against his master. Bad dog! Bad!

    • I’m afraid he may be right unless there are more documents in Tetyana’s possession that would bring into question the ones TDPK has.

      The speed with which TDPK produced “documentation” worries me. Not that I believe this is legitimate…just that I’m afraid that it can’t be proven illegitimate beyond a reasonable doubt.

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