Why Not Just Answer the Question?

Superjuournalist Bill Schmalfeldt keeps looping on his “right” to continue to “investigate” by “asking questions” of the targets of his harassment. If we’d just answer the questions, yada, yada, yada.

If answering legitimate questions is so important, why won’t the Cabin Boy do it? Twice he was subpoenaed to provide documents for court cases, and both times he ignored the subpoenas.

Here’s chance for Bill Schmalfedt to demonstrate how a standup guy answers questions. He could publish the documents covered by those subpoenas. After all, what would he have to hide?

1 thought on “Why Not Just Answer the Question?

  1. Oh Billy Schmalfelt and his endless investigations, and accusations, and demands demands demands. He is so precious.
    Also its hilarious when Mr crapmouth and verbal abuser gets all bent because someone insulted him on, well, everything.

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