#BillSchmalfeldt and Venue

Cabin Boy Bill seems to think that the lawsuits he might be stirring up will be heard in Maryland. That does happen to be true in my case. However, if he reads the DMCA law, he will discover that the court with jurisdiction in each case is on the defendant’s turf. That would be Virginia for ViralRead, Texas for Lee Stranahan, and an undisclosed location (but not Maryland) for Stacy McCain. I’m not sure where Kimberlin Unmasked and Daley Gator are, but I know they’re not in Maryland.

Looks like the Sore Loserman wants some frequent flier miles. Maybe he can use a rocket provided by Acme.

The only reason that any of these folks would come to Maryland would be to pursue criminal charges against Schmalfeldt. Given that his bogus DMCA notices are communications directed to and received by particular individuals at a particular addresses and that his threatening tweets are also specifically addressed and given that they are sent without a legal purpose, they would constitute harassment under Maryland law if sent after notice to stop contact. Some of those individuals have already put Schmalfeldt on notice, so at least some of the individuals could press charges.

The first law of holes is to stop digging—not to buy a steam shovel.

UPDATE—The Daley Gator hails from Texas too.

1 thought on “#BillSchmalfeldt and Venue

  1. He is citing a non-DMCA case to support his alleged DMCA claim. He claims you called him Barney Fife when you did not. His ability to comprehend what he is reading appears to be impaired.

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