BREAKING: Jay Elliott Charges Dropped

I am informed by someone who has seen the paperwork at District Courthouse in Montgomery County, Maryland, that the frivolous charges Brett Kimberlin filed against Jay Elliott have been dropped by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

The Maryland Judiciary Case Search shows this:JEchargesdropped

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Jay Elliott Charges Dropped

  1. It appears that TDPK’s reputation has now come to attention of many in the Court system and they are wise to his tactics. I think that their attention really started when he tried to have his wife admitted for a pysch evaluation and the judge said (my words), “This shit is gonna stop, I see right through what TDPK is doing”. Congratulations to Mr. Elliott.

  2. Downside to it was they did the same in reverse. Charges against TDPK were also dropped.
    My guess is that, once again, they looked at two people who alleged the other did something wrong, and just dropped everything rather than sort through a mess.

    • Perhaps, but Kimberlin’s inability to testify in court in Maryland because he’s a convicted perjurer meant that there was no evidence against Mr. Elliott. It’s hard to prosecute a case without evidence.

      OTOH, there was a large amount of exculpatory evidence, including the testimony of Tetyana Kimberlin.

      Add all that to the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s pervious experience with Brett Kimberlin bringing a bogus assault charge against Aaron Walker (the Courthouse surveillance video supported Walker’s version of what happened), and I’m not surprised that they threw out the case as soon as they could process the paperwork.

      • I was unclear, and I apologize. I was actually using that as an example to discuss a possibility of why they dropped the charges against TDPK, rather than why Elliott’s charges were dropped.

        It was more shock and annoyance that they threw out the case against TDPK. But then, many decisions in MD have shocked or annoyed me.

  3. Elliot case closed, but custody case opened—
    the judge can’t dismiss that case without hearing it all.
    Popcorn (sadness for the kids, but popcorn)

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