#BillSchmalfeldt and the DMCA

I note that Bill Schmalfeldt took action following a previous post to remove some of the my copyrighted material that he had posted from the Internet. However, some of my copyrighted material that he posted while Editor of Breitbart Unmasked is still up at there. If he is unable to remove material himself, it would certainly demonstrate good faith if he were to provide the contact information of the current operator of that site.

Also, nothing has been taken down from hogewash dot net. It could be that the material was “pirated” from Schmalfeldt, but it is more likely that the information I have suggesting that he is involved in the operation of that site is accurate. If he isn’t and he knows who the operator is, providing contact information would be an excellent way to show good faith.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy insists that he has taken down material from sites that he owns and that he doesn’t own sites such as hogwash dot net. I suspect the Gentle Reader is wise enough to understand that someone might work for or otherwise have access to a site that he doesn’t own. The information that I have leads me to believe that hogewash dot net, for example, is not registered to Bill Schmalfeldt. However, it does lead me to conclude that he is a beneficial user of the site with a substantial measure of control over its content, a situation not unlike his relationship to Breitbart Unmasked when he was Editor.

I suspect that the actual registrant of hogewash dot net is very closely linked to the principal source of the Sore Loserman’s legal advice, so until we have a positive ID, I will refer to that entity as “Acme.”

Meep, meep.

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