Kossacks 3, #BillSchmalfeldt 0

Bill Schmalfeldt had been banned twice at The Daily Kos. Perhaps he thought his third time would be charmed. He posted this on Sunday afternoon:BS_DailyKos_Before

He was not well received, and within hours he was banned. (H/T, @Patterico) Again.BS_banned

Oh well, the Cabin Boy still has his Internet talk show and his parody hate sites to keep him busy.

UPDATE—Sore Loserman Bill Schmalfeldt is managed a very rare achievement: He is has created agreement between the Kossacks and Stacy McCain.

10 thoughts on “Kossacks 3, #BillSchmalfeldt 0

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  2. Still flogging the Kafka schtick to and make himself look schmart, I see.

    Perhaps his next sock should be called “Schmarty Schmart Kafka-reading Schmartfeldt” or maybe some neat business cards that read “Bill Schmalfedlt, Super-Genius”. I hear the Acme Printing Co. has a good deal going this time of year for business cards.

  3. Now I’m wondering if someone can whomp up a variant on the dreadfully overworked filksong “Banned from Argo”. Something along the lines of “Banned from DKos!”. I’ll see if I can find the tune and crank out some lyrics.

  4. He predicted a “concentrated effort” to get him kicked off dKos, but it looks like it took very little effort and no concentration at all.

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