#BillSchmalfeldt Thinks He’s Appealing

The question to be decided is whether or not the Maryland Court of Appeals will agree.

I received a Notice of Appeal from Bill Schmalfeldt in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order case.  I note that it was sent by Schmalfeldt himself and not a lawyer, so I suppose that means that he is proceeding pro se. I will be interested to see how well he does drafting his Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the Court of Appeals. My lawyer will, of course, be filing a Response, and we’ll see if the Court takes the case.

I doubt that Schmalfeldt has any real grounds for appeal. OTOH, the Court of Appeals might take the case in order to specifically clarify that electronic harassment is covered by the peace order statute.

Meanwhile, the Circuit Court’s order remains in effect.

UPDATE—Assuming the Court of Appeals takes the case, by the time certiorari is granted, briefs filed, and oral arguments heard, the Peace Order may have expired—making the case moot.

7 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt Thinks He’s Appealing

  1. The utter lack of awareness on Billy’s part boggles the mind. I would never have believed someone could have the life goal, 24/7, of making others’ lives Hell. How does one become such a sad, pathetic soul??

  2. Who says he is going to write his Petition for Writ of Certiorari? Perhaps, it will be written by a certain self-styled “legal beagle” who has no objection to driving up the cost and complexity of pursuing your peace order for precisely that purpose. Bill Schmalfeldlt has thumbed his nose at discovery. As such, he has zero possibility of prevailing.

    The judge mooted Schmalfeldt willful refusal to follow discovery when he ruled in your favor. I suggest that Schmalfeldlt has just mooted that judges action given the case has been reopened.

  3. What is the over/under on the Cabin Boy playing the Parkinson’s card to try and gain the sympathy of the court? Seems to be his modus operandi doesn’t it? Talk tough, then play the poor sad victim.

  4. Cabin Boy isn’t helping himself any when he admits to illegal behavior. Notice how he admits to contacting people even after being told (and ordered by a court) to stop. He thinks if someone calls him Cabin Boy or says anything that he determines to be an insult that somehow he has a “legal purpose” for responding. I would think having a court tell you that if someone tells you to stop contacting them that you have to would have sunk in. I guess some people just need a stiffer slap from a judge to get it.

    “My “legal purpose” for responding when I have been told to stop responding is to RESPOND TO INSULTS THAT ARE FLUNG BY PEOPLE WHO HAVE DEMANDED THAT I NOT RESPOND TO THEIR INSULTS!!!”

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