Another Downfall Parody

Here’s what happens when you send a cabin boy to do a man’s job.

Video Credit: Thank you to whoever made it!

UPDATE—Another anonymous coward from Team Kimberlin threatens legal action.TK20130712b

I’m glad to have the heads up. I’ll check to make sure my list of interrogatories, admissions sought, and document demands for defendant’s discovery are up to date. I should probably give some thought to possible counterclaims.

UPDATE 2—Those Gentle Readers who have not been closely following the Cabin Boy Bill subplot of The Sage of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin may wish to read this post by Stacy McCain for a summary of the backstory.

19 thoughts on “Another Downfall Parody

  1. Terrific! BS is having what seems to be a race-obsessed meltdown in response: the very white BS is disturbed at Stacy McCain’s whiteness and his white family and his daughter’s marriage to a Hispanic.

    • “at” his daughter’s marriage, not “and.” He seems obsessed with race – he referred to Walker’s wife as “Asian ass.” What’s his problem? Does he expect the whole world to be white?

  2. Well, the Cabin Boy has descended to poop once again. Who saw THAT coming? And he seems to have a man crush on Mr. McCain now. I guess screwing up in his blind rage and tweeting @ Mr. Hoge forced him to his next obsession. Who says Stacy gets a better class of stalker?

    Oh and he seems to think it’s OK to violate a court order too according to his words. I hope he has good luck explaining that to a judge.

    “You see your honor, I was so blinded by rage and hate that I tweeted the man that I have been harassing due to my blind rage and hate.”

  3. Harrasment? Who even talks TO the Cabin Boy? Many talk ABOUT him, but as we are all well aware, that is not a crime. And let us not forget, he is a journalist the likes of Walter Cronkite. I mean he just got done bragging about all that. That means he is a public figure…you know, like his lawyer already argued in court he was. Billy should consult a real attorney and quit listening to shithouse lawyers. He could get himself is trouble without good representation. I remember him whining and begging for money for a lawyer to try this before with no luck. Wonder who will pay for it this time?

  4. Parodies are protected speech and not actionable. But then I’m sure they’ve been told that.

    • If parodies aren’t protected speech, then the Cabin Boy is in a heap of trouble because of the “parodies” he inflicted on the world via his Internet radio show Blood on the Microphone.

  5. They are in denial and think that nothing has changed. They are trying to go back to the way things were when they thought they were winning. And then……oooopppsss they picked on the wrong person and the Cabin Boy has been adjudicated by the courts and will now face criminal charges.

  6. Brilliant. My hat is off to whomever did this.

    They are now threatening legal action against Hoge. That will be shot down in flames rather quickly. But, hey…it’s their money……at least I hope they make money legally.

  7. So the Cabin Boy is in a rage again. He thinks I talk about him too much. But seriously, he should welcome the attention. What do they teach in those big time journalism schools? Any publicity is good publicity. Doesn’t Billy want to know people that he was adjudicated a harasser? Doesn’t he want people to know how he harassed a family about the death of their child? Doesn’t he want people to know about how he turned people in to CPS out of spite? Doesn’t he want people to examine why he supports and considers a friend a convicted terrorist? Someone who introduced a small child as his girlfriend? Who took this small child out of state and when she was removed from his grasp flew into tears? Who has still not fulfilled his obligation to pay a widow? And I’m sure he would love to explain how after his friend blew a man’s leg off, and the pain caused the man to commit suicide that Billy thinks the man should have just sucked it up like a real man. And surely he desires that people examine his extensive writings on excrement and gay anal sex right? Or how he threatened a woman in Wisconsin to tell him what he wanted to know or he would make sure she lost her kids?

    Why wouldn’t a man like Billy welcome the spotlight? What great publicity for his radio station! Come listen the the gay anal sex tweeting harasser! Fun for the whole family!

    So I will apologize to Mr. Hoge for the rant and take my leave now. But I’ll be watching Billy and pointing out when he does something mendacious.

    Oh, and his parody? Nice use of canned animation, and the toilet? The man should really see someone about that obsession.

    • You forgot to mention that he admitted to making his poor wife check the bed for dog turds.

    • Frankie, I think you hit a nerve. He is excoriating you for keeping his URLs, while he posts a series of URLs from Stacy McCain. No self awareness at all.

      • Good heavens, you may be right , Frankie. In response to your comment he is talking about “poopies,” using the word “f*cking” repeatedly, and talking about Lee Stranahan re “when his ass was spanked.” AC/DC lyrics are running through my mind.

      • What Billy doesn’t seem to grasp is that I can spend 30 seconds on Google and find that stuff. Maybe spend 5 minutes to point out the odd stuff Billy may say or do and go about my life while Bill obsesses about my comment and has to make a zillion twitter posts about it. What Billy fails to realize is that I really don’t care about him, but he sure seems to care about me 🙂

  8. That caricature in the Hoge cartoon looks like BS to me. Am I wrong? Just asking questions.

  9. So explain something to me…

    If BS is so sick and weak from the Parkinsons, then how is he able to tweet and blog and make parodies 18 hours per day?

    • Could it be that he’s fueled by misogyny and racism? Just asking questions. However, caricaturing an accomplished Asian woman who has never hurt him as a stupid mail order bride does lend credence to that theory.

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