Tetyana Kimberlin Isn’t Crazy

A source informs me that the reason Tetyana Kimberlin was taken into custody yesterday was that Brett Kimberlin sought her involuntary commitment for a psych evaluation. The judge released her within minutes. This explains why no charges have appeared in the online court records.

More later.

19 thoughts on “Tetyana Kimberlin Isn’t Crazy

  1. Glad to hear it. Thank you for your diligence. And the headline should be Isn’t not Isn”t 🙂

  2. She needs an advocate.
    She is undoubtedly fearful for her self, her children, her financial future… maybe even for her right to stay in this country.
    Is there a local women’s defense group or something that should be made aware of this situation?

    • I found a number of lawyers (one well-reviewed woman divorce lawyer); the national immigrant women’s advocacy project is headquartered in Bethesda; and I’m looking in the Foundation Directory for shelters, as they usually have referral services. The problem is, she’s the one who has to make the contact, no one else can do it for her.

  3. He’s going all out. By questioning her mental state, he can put it into play in the custody battle.

    He may be just vengeful – he was cuckolded – or he may be playing some serious hardball because he wants some concessions from her – probably no spousal or child support, and/or some confidentiality agreement that she won’t reveal anything about him. That’s probably what he is doing, now, telling her that he will make sure she never sees the girls again, or loses custody, if she says anything about him – which is why she did not bother to bring up the fact that he is a convicted felon in her protective order.

    She should dump on him now, get it all out now, and take that off the table. It will be better for her case unless she was involved in his shenanigans.

    I feel bad for those girls, they did not choose their parents.

  4. Cabin Boy has reading comprehension problems.

    -Your post makes it clear that the judge released her within minutes, a finding that there was no basis to institutionalize her. In CBBS’s mind, this has morphed into Mr. Hoge’s opinion, when in fact, he merely was reporting what occurred.
    – Aaron Walker reported that his wife was so scared by Team K’s behavior, that he found her checking her car for bombs. Cabin Boy twists this into a claim that Walker forces his wife to do so. Frankly, I’d be checking my car, too.
    – Constantly tweeting the Stranahan family, in other words, contacting them DIRECTLY, is the same in CBBS’s mind as people on Twitter making jokes ABOUT Kimberlin, but not contacting Kimberlin or his family. Again, see Hoge v. Schmalfeldt. This entire concept appears to be a huge mental stumbling block for him.


    – Am I the only person who finds it odd that a man who claims to be happily married to the love of his life, who he described as catering to his every need (odd language, that), is obsessed with a woman he divorced almost 30 years ago?
    – Does anyone else find it strange (I mean in addition to all the poop and anal references and violent imagery) that he keeps calling her a “whore,” when he admitted that she was his brother’s girlfriend and that CBBS ran off with her two days after their first meeting?

    • He has a lot of issues, reading comprehension is the least of them. He will twist anything to his benefit. He inhabits a world in which people say what he wishes they had said and not what they really said. Notice how he DEMANDS that people stop calling him Cabin Boy. He equates with with the Peace Order. He seems to believe that talking ABOUT him is equal to talking TO him. He is, of course, delusional in that belief. I have yet to see anyone tell him to stop talking ABOUT them, but yet he claims that is what the “Breitbots” are all saying.

      As far as his ex wife goes, she has shown more class then Billy will ever possess. She has kept quiet about their personal relationship while Billy chooses to engage in his childish rants.

      As an aside, I find it odd that he claimed to be so devastated by his ex wife leaving him yet he was married to someone else within six months according to his own written words.

  5. Everyone assumes Brett Kimberlin tried to have his wife committed to intimidate her. There is another possibility. Brett Kimberlin is fully aware that Bill Schmalfeldt is mentally ill, and acting in a highly erratic fashion including posting about his enemies being murdered. By filing involuntary commitment papers against his soon-to-be ex-wife Team Kimberlin can now argue that proper attempts to protect the public against Bill Schmalfeldt are acts of retaliation in an ongoing internet feud.

  6. I would be willing to donate to an approved fund for Mrs. Kimberlin to defend herself. If one is made please let us know.

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