Follower No. 394


And I’m Follower No. 21 over at RadioWMS.

UPDATE—Or I was until Cabin Boy Bill blocked me.

UPDATE 2—The Sore Loserman seems to think that the peace order prohibits me from following his blog, or something like that. Of course, he has the right to block me, but I have the right to read what he publishes. Believe it or not, he is an occasional source of useful information.

7 thoughts on “Follower No. 394

  1. You seem to have touched a nerve with Billy. He is on Twitter crying about you trying to follow him. He does not understand the difference between being force fed and eating what you want apparently if you get the analogy. (I’m sure he won’t)

  2. If you do win this breach of the peace order. And you get financial gains. Call me. I’ll bring my 3500 up north and we can just tow away his house as partial payment.

    I’ll split the scrap value with you.


  3. Billy is back to obsessing about Mr. Hoge and others again today. I think his problem is he has too much time on his hands. Apparently ripping off the RadioClassics channel format from SiriusXM doesn’t occupy enough of his time.

    Billy wants to know why people try follow him. Sheer entertainment value. He has raised twisting words to an art form. Watching him twist himself into a pretzel to try and make something someone said fit his narrative is extremely amusing. His meltdowns? Oscar worthy. He should THANK people for wanting to follow him. I understand being adjudicated a harasser is hard on a person’s Klout score. Having followers will help that.

  4. You gott admit one thing about Cabin Boy Neckroll, he watches that followers list like a hawk. I signed on there so I could watch the fun more easily and he blocked me, wait I correct myself…”BLOCKED!” me, in about half an hour tops.
    Oh why oh why won’t the mean mean rotundulous man let me watch the elephants and clown Unca Hoge?

    Guess it’s a Good thing one of my socks is already on the inside.

    PS: I’m not a lick spittle, I’m more of a Kleenex spittle. (dude acts like he think he has a decent vocabalarry)

    • I can’t figure out if he is playing dumb or if he is really as stupid as he tweets suggest. Someone calling him a murderer? Maybe he should have his dog read for him and explain what the words mean to him because that was one pretzel to twist to arrive at that conclusion.

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