Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin’s interest in voting rights is not something new. This paragraph appears at the bottom of page 140 in Mark Singer’s Citizen K:

Pritzker’s [one of Kimberlin’s lawyers] valedictory chore in Kimberlin’s behalf was an appearance at his sentencing for the military-insignia and Presidential-seal possession counts. This hearing took place 3 November 1980. The previous day, a small item in the [Indianapolis] Star noted that Kimberlin was among a dozen prisoners at the Marion County Jail whose attempts to vote in an imminent general election were being thwarted by an Indiana law that disenfranchised criminals during their imprisonment. Kimberlin was thus deprived of the chance to cast his ballot for or against Dan Quayle, who was them on the eve of election to his first term in the U. S. Senate.

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