Old Biddies

Cabin Boy Bill reads my blog.

RadioWMS ‏Old biddies nattering about nothing on the comment section of Hoge’s blog. A bunch of old women at a quilting bee, gossiping. Seriously.
10:43 PM – 9 Jul 13

UPDATE—An anonymous coward from Team Kimberlin comments:TK20130710

Nice try, but that nickname won’t stick. I’m Jewish from the waist down.

11 thoughts on “Old Biddies

  1. Ha, this comes from a man whose expertise in gynecological forensics rivals that of Andrew Sullivan. The man who gossips about you incessantly. And the man who admitted -ADMITTED – that he ran off with his brother’s girlfriend two days after meeting her is now cluck-clucking about adultery.

  2. All gossip, ok.

    Still more traffic on this thread alone than he likely sees in a day….

    • Yes, I saw it and it was just, well, just awful!!! , she had two different plaids on, I will have to take this up with the Red Hat Girls! …..

  3. You did and I called him on it, but whoever runs the rip off “allergic to bull” website stepped in for Billy. I guess they are still protecting the doddering old fool to some extent. But with the recent issues, they may just leave him to twist in the wind.

  4. And today begins this year’s competition for the Academy Award in the hotly contested category “Oh Noes! I has Parkinsons! How can you be so means to me!?!?”

    This years leading contender will be nominated based on his celebrated neck role “Shit Flakes In My Beard” in which he plays a major irritant and all round disreputable person.

  5. “Nice try, but that nickname won’t stick. I’m Jewish from the waist down.”


    Still laughing 30 minutes later!

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