What’s All This, Then?

Well, well, well … it looks as if Aaron Walker has gotten tired of the nonsense spewing forth from Bill Schmalfeldt and has decided to try one more time to get the authorities in Howard County to do their job. If I were Sore Loserman Bill, I wouldn’t be too confident that these charges will be nolle prossed as the previous one were. Some things have changed.

First, Bill Schmalfeldt now has been adjudicated as a harasser in another case. Second, the rationales for his peace order “victories” have been found wanting by a Circuit Court. Third, some of Schmalfeldt’s more recent tweets and blog posts about Aaron Walker come close to solicitation of murder; that may get the State’s Attorney’s attention.

GetoutofJailIndeed, this may be what it takes for the State’s Attorney’s Office to reevaluate the choice it made in April and to reinstate those charges as well. We’ll see.

OTOH, it’s safe to assume that rather than shut up to protect himself, we can expect a raging and outrageous response from the Sore Loserman in 3, 2, 1, …

UPDATE—While he may speak to the fact that a charge has been filed, I suspect that Aaron Walker will follow the usual practice of not publicly commenting further on a pending legal matter. Being circumspect is, after all, a good legal strategy, and I can say from personal experience that it can demand a very high level of self-control and, sometimes, courage.

However, the Gentle Reader can be assured that I will follow this case and report on it.

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