Is #BillSchmalfeldt a Racist?

Aaron Walker’s wife is of predominantly Asian ancestry. Here’s the sort of things that Bill Schmalfeldt has tweeted about her:

Bill Schmalfeldt @MJanovic @AaronWorthing She better, or he’ll send her ass packing back to Asia where he purchased her.
8:28 PM – 19 Jun 13

This is an example of how “Journalist” Bill makes things up as he goes along, and gets it wrong. He claims that those who call him to account are liars as he makes outrageous and provably false statements.

I’ve written that Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar. I should clarify that statement. He appears to be a racist liar.

4 thoughts on “Is #BillSchmalfeldt a Racist?

  1. I’ve seen him refer to Mrs. Walker as a “mail order bride” on several occasions. I’ll have to see if I can find them. Not very inclusive for a progressive is he?

    • No, that’s about right. Remember, eugenics was a progressive policy, and the progressives LOVED Hitler.

  2. Found it. It was on his Aaron Worthing site.
    “Why does he force his mail-order bride to check his car for bombs? “

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