#BillSchmalfeldt’s Gone. Again.

GhostRadioOnlin was down at 10:15 pm ET on 1 July, 2013.Ghost_gone

And this was what his rabid response website looked like at the same time.Allergic2Bull_com


Ghost_goodbyeUPDATE—An email from a friend on the Left Coast contained this gem.

It looks as if he’s closed the rabid response site as well. It will be interesting to find out if this is the result of Bill Schmalfeldt being served the summons and a copy of the Application for Statement of Charges and seeing how much trouble his ranting has caused him. Take the Twitter account and site down won’t erase the screenshots, pdf files, etc. that are on multiple computers all over the country. Evidence of the Cabin Boy’s behavior remains intact.

Or it really could be that the Cabin Boy is worn out from trying to fight above his weight (intellectually and morally). Regardless, he joins Brave Sir Robin in the pantheon of big talkers who cut and run. Of course, he may pop up again. We’ll see.

UPDATE 2—I’ve been asked how I missed the Sore Loserman’s “last tweets.” I was off doing other things. I do have a life, you know.

UPDATE 3 —HoggyJr_0701

No, my life doesn’t revolve around Brett Kimberlin. I have an interest in seeing him brought to justice, but there are plenty of things in my life that are of greater importance.

As for heart attacks, I’ve had three already, thank you. I’ve got five stents in my heart and had a minimally invasive bypass. My bypass was experimental. I was the 13th patient to undergo the procedure in the U. S. (luckily for me). I could have had the proven standard procedure or opt to participate in the experimental trial. I went with the experimental procedure even though it wasn’t covered by my insurance. Did someone say something about altruism and medical procedures?

4 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt’s Gone. Again.

  1. Taking him at his word that he can’t afford his own lawyer, I’d guess his “boss” told him to scram. Bringing scrutiny to the alleged charitable contributions of a convicted domestic terrorist who is raking in millions by lying about his past is no bueno.

  2. I caught his whole, ” Woe is me,” series of tweets earlier. My reaction: YAWN

    I expect him to come back with a series about how brave he is to keep fighting, ya da ya da within a day or two at most.

    • I’ll bet he chafes at the thought of some judge telling him that he can’t do and say certain things because they are illegal. Being told to obey the law, and, living in the despotic Hell posited by George Orwell merely differ by degree in the Cabin Boy’s mind. The more he stews about it the more violent his rhetoric will be, the lower and viler his insults will be, and the more obsessive he will become. Expect him to engage in a continuing shell game of websites and twitter accounts. He’ll fancy himself a hacker deeply skilled in the art of anonymity right up to the moment he is caught.

      The problem for the Cabin Boy is those websites and twitter accounts will start with something like zero followers. For most people that would be a nearly insurmountable hurdle, but his illness will drive him to spend hour after hour, day after day, spewing his drivel for a single digit audience.

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