#BillSchmalfeldt Makes a Wrong Guess

Over at his rabid response blog (No, I won’t link to it.), the Sore Loserman writes the following about the latest set of charges filed against him:

So. I allegedly harassed Aaron Walker by using his name with an @ mention on Twitter. (The real reason, of course, being that I’ve asked the Howard County State’s Attorney to investigate him …)

Un, no, that’s not exactly right. I’ve seen a copy of the Application for Statement of Charges, and while it does allege that Schmalfeldt used Twitter as part of his harassment of Aaron Walker, that’s only part of the course of conduct cited. Looking at what the Commissioner charged the Sore Loserman with, you can guess that there’s a pattern of conduct that supports being charged under the less specific “general” harassment statute.

The Cabin Boy has more to worry about that he suspects.

Aside: When I interviewed the Commissioner who charged Bill Schmalfeldt last night, I was amused to find out that she was aware of the Carroll County peace order case.

In the past, Bill Schmalfeldt has whined about how his health issues would make even a few days in jail a possible death sentence. He shouldn’t worry. There are other options.

1 thought on “#BillSchmalfeldt Makes a Wrong Guess

  1. Hmmm…seems that someone has gone dark. REAL dark. Twitter? Gone. Websites? Gone.

    What is Bill afraid of? According to him HE is the victim here. So why delete everything?

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