More BS from BS

This morning I found these words on the Bill Schmalfeldt’s rabid response website:

Instead of flying Lee Stranahan up to Maryland, handing him pre-filled out paperwork, telling the poor dolt to “sign here and we’ll buy you dinner” and then filing charges all hands KNEW to be false.

Everything in that sentence is false.

First, to the best of my knowledge, Lee Stranahan paid for his own ticket from Texas to Maryland.

Second, he requested the Application for Statement of Charges forms from the District Court, and they were mailed to him. They were filled out in Texas by his wife taking dictation from Lee. No one handed him “pre-flled out paperwork.”

Third, while I did buy Lee’s dinner (I was raised to be hospitable), it was the District Court Commissioner who told Lee to “sign here.” Also, a “dolt” is a stupid person; Lee Stranahan is not stupid.

Fourth, I’m not sure who Schmalfeldt’s “all hands” includes, but Lee Stranahan and Mrs. Stranahan both believe the contents of the Application to be true. So does Aaron Walker. So do I.

If Bill Schmalfeldt’s statement isn’t a purposeful lie, then the best that can be said of it is that it was made with a reckless disregard for the truth.

3 thoughts on “More BS from BS

  1. I’m pretty sure that Schmalfeldt will eventually read this so here goes: Just because Schmalfedt’s so called journalism does not net him enough income to buy a plane ticket from Texas to Maryland does not mean Lee Stranahan cannot afford such a ticket on his own. And throwing out stupid accusations isn’t journalism anyway. It’s just stupid. The same sort of stupid that got him involved with con men like BK and NR in the first place. I wonder if BK is still returning his phone calls or if Schmalfeldt has been left to drift on his own?

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