5 thoughts on “#BillSchmalfeldt and Harassment

  1. The optimist in me hopes to read at Allergic to Bull your charges against Bill Schmalfeldt.

    The Cabin Boy is entitled to write about you. The Cabin Boy is entitled to his opinions. The Cabin Boy is not entitled to his “facts.” Fabricating specific factual accusations from whole cloth is not protected speech. When those fabricates could damage your reputation, or even lead to your imprisonment, they rise to a violation of the Peace Order he must respect. The examples are clear-cut and egregious. For instance, Lee Stranahan dot com has article after article in which Lee clearly argued that the appropriate response was to treat Schmalfeldt’s actions as criminal. To assert that you, or Aaron Walker put him up to it, or paid him to file the charges requires a willful ignorance of Lee Stranahan’s body of writings.

    At this point, I fully expect that Bill Schmalfeldt will either being going to jail soon, or, as an alternative, be institutionalized in a mental facility.

  2. Strange, it looks as though the Downtwinkle crowed has left your blog for the time being. New orders from the Captain?

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