What I Saw in February, Part 2

I finally got around to reading everything on Sore Loserman Bill’s latest rabid response website (No, I won’t link to it.), and I found this scan of a page from Lee Stranahan’s Application for Statement of Charges which Schmalfeldt thinks is “evidence” of Aaron Walker’s practicing law in Maryland.Screen-Shot-2013-06-27-at-7.47.25-PM

He makes a big deal of “handwriting analysis.” Gentle Reader, let me analyze it for you based on my eyewitness recollection of what happened at the District Court Commissioner’s office.

First, the writing in the green box is the handwriting I saw on the Application when it was shown to me earlier in the evening. This is clearly what was written in Texas. It is very definitely not Aaron Walker’s handwriting; it is legible.

Second, IIRC, the writing in the upper red box is that of the Commissioner. The Commissioner added the address of the appropriate court when she accepted the forms.

Third, IIRC, the writing in the lower red box belongs to Lee Stranahan. He added it to provide clarification of points raised by the Commissioner.

Of course, I am willing to testify to my recollections under oath.

UPDATE—The Sore Loserman tweeteth:

Bill Schmalfeldt At the moment, all Mr. Hoge is doing is throwing more gasoline on the fire. The threats and intimidation will not play well.
6:52 PM – 29 Jun 13

Let me get this straight. It somehow threatens or intimidates Bill Schmalfeldt for me to be willing to testify under oath concerning what I saw. I understand that it undermines his cause to have an eyewitness to an event he wishes to speculate about come forward with testimony, but how does that threaten him? What about the truth intimidates him?

UPDATE 2—”P. Diddy” (byebyebastards@fu.net, has attempted to make a thuggish comment reminiscent of the writings of a harasser of the Stranahan family. I hope he didn’t wake his wife when he sent the comment at 2:25 am, Sunday morning.

6 thoughts on “What I Saw in February, Part 2

  1. Off topic.

    Mr. Hoge, thank you for your patience in dealing with these creatures. I lurk here and related sites.

    But…moving off the topic…
    A few years ago, I was in Westminster to give a talk. I have read pretty much everything that Whittaker Chambers wrote and wanted to see the “Cold Friday” farm. I found a local who gave me directions. I think. I found myself at a corner with an older house up on a hill. Nice front porch it looked like. You are a native…was I there?

    I did not think it appropriate for me to venture up there. I saw the interview with Sam Tannenhaus with Chamber’s son and I have this notion I was real close. The family has zealously protected their privacy so I respected that. Was I at the farm?

    Best regards.

    • I’m not a native of Westminster. I was born and raised in Nashville.

      It’s my understanding that The Pumpkin Patch is a field on the NE corner of the junction of Saw Mill Road and Bachman Valley Road (MD 496). When we were looking to buy a house in Carroll County 20 years ago, my wife and I considered buying the 10 acre farm across Saw Mill Rd from the The Pumpkin Patch—until we found out that the farm across the highway was planning on adding a 10,000 hen chicken house. We bought a house on the edge of Westminster instead.

  2. BS appears to be salivating at the thought of deposing the Stranahans. Except… Maryland has no jurisdiction over them. They don’t have to appear in Maryland. Based on my experience reviewing bar complaints, all of this will be resolved and BS will receive a polite letter to that effect, and none of the materials gathered by the SA will be made available to him. None.

  3. Then, it is clear from what you say that I had not found his farm. *sigh*

    Now, I see, it is on the National Register of Historical Places Inventory. At: 446 E. Saw Mill
    Westminster, MD Rd. 21157. Just a bit up the road.

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