I Am Not Mrs. Stranahan

I’m not making this up, you know. Bill Schmalfeldt has posted this illustration to prove how similar my lettering is compared to Mrs. Stranahan’s.Answer-2

So, either Stranny and Hoge have a story to tell about who’s married to who…

Or someone seems to be lying, cuz that there handwriting looks AWFUL similar!

Take a look at the writing by Mrs. Stranahan. Notice that the general slant of the letters is slightly to the left. Compare that with the general lack of slant or slight bias to the right in my writing. Take a look at the general evenness of the spacing of the letters in Mrs. Stranahan’s writing and the well defined separation from letter to letter. Note how the letters in my writing tend to touch or overlap, a bit like cursive writing. In particular, note how the cross bar of each f flows into the following e to form a ligature in my writing samples. And the loops are much smaller on her es than mine.

It looks as if Bill Schmalfeldt is even less competent as a handwriting expert than he is as a journalist.

I know that I did not write the narrative on Lee Stranahan’s Application for Statement of Charges. I believe him when he says his wife did. What Bill Scmalfeldt claims is provably false. If he’s grasping at straws in hope of finding some defense for his outrageous behavior, he is unwise. If he knows that his claims are false, then the someone who is lying is Bill Schmalfeldt.

Unwise or liar? Or both?

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Mrs. Stranahan

  1. And, the proportion of your “t” relative to the proceding “d” is is much larger. Mrs. Stranahan’s “d” towers over the subsequent “t.” Yours looks like a “cH-” while hers looks like a “d t.” IANAEOHW, but, I would expect most writers printing a “t” after a “d” would do so with a fairly uniform height.

    The only basis Schmalfeldt has in claiming that the handwritings are similar is his wish that it be true. Substituting whim for reason shows a certain reckless disregard for the truth.

  2. And this is a BS red herring. It is completely irrelevant who filled out the complaint as long as Lee Stranahan signed it attesting to its veracity. Your gardener could have filled it out, or the lady at the McDonalds drive through.

  3. Much like his baseless complaint against Stranahan to CPS, I believe that CBBS knows all he is claiming now is not true. But he covers it with the left’s patented “concern troll” technique.

    Question for “A Reader” – If the SA examines this complaint, is there any chance that they will find it so farfetched that it could only have been filed out of malice? Could action be taken against CBBS in that case?

  4. I know you are lying to us Mr. Hoge. All of that writing appears to be in pencil! There is only one person on this planet that uses a pencil to fill out forms. That’s you Mr. Hoge! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

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