Another Down Twinkle Stooge

larry“Larry” has an IP address from a German ISP noted for hosting spammers. I wonder where Moe and Curly will check in from?

UPDATE—You know, “Larry’s” question deserves an answer, and the answer is, “Yes.”

And, “Larry,” I’m quite proud of my son. He’s not an idiot, not in either the medical/psychological or the colloquial sense. The medical definition of idiocy is a very low IQ that ranks in the bottom 1%. Will’s IQ is actually in the upper range of the upper 1%. Like many young men, he doesn’t have all the experience that brings wisdom with age, but he’s no fool either.

So, yes, he’s my best shot.

2 thoughts on “Another Down Twinkle Stooge

  1. One thing I’ve noticed is that you and the other targets of BS’s stalking never, ever make derogatory comments about his family or that of DPBK. He and his friends, on the other hand, ridicule your family members all the time. Today, yet again, he referred to Walker’s testicles (so far, I did not spot any anal comments), which ads credence to my theory that he is dealing with repressed homoerotic feelings.

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