Cabin Boy Bill has moved his rabid reaction site to a web address (No, I won’t link to it.) that could easily be confused with Aaron Walker’s (There are no misspelled words in that opening sentence.)

Here’re some interesting facts about the Sore Loserman’s site:

• It was registered on 14 April, 2012.
• It is hosted at The WHOIS records for were created on the same day, 13 February, 2012, as Breitbart Unmasked‘s. By the same registrar.
• The server is in The Netherlands at the same physical address and with an IP address in the same block as the Breitbart Unmasked server when that site was hosted off shore.

14 April, 2012. That’s right after Brett Kimberlin lost his first peace order case against Aaron Walker in Circuit Court, but a few days before Kimberlin filed his second peace order petition.

The Gentle Reader may draw what conclusions he will from this information.

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