Rock Nest

RockNestThis is Mars, and this is a site picked for the likelihood of its holding clues to the habitability of Mars to ancient life. It’s called “Rock Nest,” and the Curiosity rover has been taking detailed survey pictures. Over 900 of these images have been combined into one of the highest resolution images ever created of the red planet; this panorama containing over a billion pixels in its full-size version (Click the image to embiggen it.) Mt. Sharp, the central peak of the large crater where Curiosity landed and is currently exploring, is near the center of the image. According to the mission plan, Curiosity is scheduled to roll toward Mt. Sharp looking for distinguishing geological and chemical markers along the way.

NASA has posted an interactive and zoomable version of this image here.

There’s been no word of any sighting of a Rock Nest monster.

Image Credit: NASA

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