Credit Where Credit’s Due

Bono has given credit to George W. Bush and American Evangelical Christians for helping to save the lives of 9 million AIDS sufferers in Africa. Referring to the Bush Administration’s $15 billion dollar Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief during an interview with Focus on the Family, Bono said:

It was the evangelicals that did that. Because they, like myself, pestered George Bush and the administration, who actually deserve praise for starting this out.

Bono’s ONE Campaign encourages rich nations to forgive debt to poor nations. The Irish musician sees in the New Testament a blueprint for justice and personal redemption.

Jesus begins his ministry by, what, by quoting Isaiah. He walks into the temple and he said, “That the blind may see, set the captives free, that the poor”—all the sort of justice agenda. That’s how Christ began.

3 thoughts on “Credit Where Credit’s Due

  1. This is work by George W. Bush for which he is never given credit. A lot of his Presidential term was filled with hard, effective work that is never acknowledged.

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