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I found this bio of Kevin Zeese on the Occupy Washington, DC website (No, I won’t link to it.):

Kevin Zeese, J.D. is a lawyer from Baltimore, MD with more than 30 years experience of writing, speaking and advocacy across a broad range of issues around peace, justice and democracy. His recent organizing efforts include the Sounds of Resistance concert and protest against Bank of America and Stop These Wars/Expose the Lies/Free Bradley Manning last December and March. He is the co-director of,the director of, and on the steering committee of the Bradley Manning Support Network. He also serves on the boards of Velvet Revolution and Common Sense for Drug Policy.

Serves on the board of Velvet Revolution? Really? The Velvet Revolution US’s IRS filings don’t mention him as a board member.VRUS_officers

Checking over at the It’s Our Economy website (NIWLTI), if found out this about Mr. Zeese:

His recent election integrity work has included challenging the activities of the national Chamber of Commerce through, as well as the activities of Karl Rove’s Americans Crossroads as part of and seeking to overturn the Citizen’s United decision, including filing complaints against Justice Clarence Thomas, as part of Zeese has also led the effort to prosecute Rupert Murdoch of NewsCorp for hacking into private phones and bribing officials.

Those three entities are all a part of VRUS.

Stop the Chamber (NIWLTI) appears to be nothing more than a webpage at VRUS that functions as a sock puppet / echo chamber for posts on other sites and a link to a Justice Through Music Project donation page.

American Crossroad Watch (NIWLTI) seems to be more of the same with a DONATE button.

Protect Our Elections (NIWTLI) looks like still more of the same, but POE appears to have actually done some things. One thing that Mr. Zeese has done for POE is to file a frivolous bar complaint against Justice Clarence Thomas. And there’s a DONATE button. Of course.

So maybe Mr. Zeese is on the board of VRUS along with another lawyer, and perhaps neither one of those board members who have supposedly reviewed the IRS filing (“YES THE FORM 990 IS REVIEWED BY THE GOVERNING BODY”) feels obliged to assure that correct information is filed with the IRS.


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  1. VRUS received a fair sized grant for “election integrity” over two years from (IIRC, which I may not, as I’m doing this off the top of my head) the Threshold Foundation in 2010.

    That’s why there’s actual action, rather than just some puffery and a DONATE button on that page.

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