WOOT! Peace Order Granted Against Schmalfeldt

Judge Stansfield has granted a peace order in the case of Hoge v. Schmalfeldt.

I’ll be back with more details after I have some lunch.

UPDATE—I’d like to thank my lawyer Zoa Barnes for excellent work representing me in this matter.

Here’s the order.

More later

19 thoughts on “WOOT! Peace Order Granted Against Schmalfeldt

  1. Umm, oughten you redact certain information before TK takes it as permission to use it carte blanche?

    • My address and one of my phone numbers is published on this blog as part of the DMCA contact information. I’m also in the phone book.

  2. OMG! Now that I have your address and phone number, I’m gonna start calling you. And I just might come to your house. One day.

    Oh yes. I just might.

    Thank You Judge Stansfield!

  3. Guess what? Apparently someone (who shall be named) thinks this ruling means the end of Twitter. No more flame wars. No more insults. No more profanity-laced drive-by aimed at your favorite Cardashian. No more Twitter Bombs (or is that glitter bombs?). And no more Anonymous.

    I think I’ll live. And I think Twitter will too.

  4. I can’t believe you would not give an interview!
    “The petitioner, Mr. Hoge, was unavailable for comment.” How strange that the man who was just told he could not contact you would try to speak to you for an interview.

    And I also notice a new “THIS IS WAR” tag where he is begging for money to fight this. Hey, isn’t the “It’s WAR” tagline associated with Breitbart?

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  6. Mr. Hoge,

    Thank God in Heaven that you found favor in the judges sight. Congratulations on this order prevailing.

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