Don’t Count Your Chickens Till They Come Home to Roost

Earlier this week, Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt was asked who was paying his lawyer. He tweeted this response.

Deep Brain Radio The answer to that question depends on what the judge decides when we ask for attorney fees.
8:13 PM – 12 Jun 13

Alas for the poor Cabin Boy, the judge ruled against him. I won’t be paying his lawyer, so the question remains: who will?

Bill Schmalfeldt talks about having to make do on a disability pension. He doesn’t appear to have any great pile of assets. When he tried to raise money to sue me via an Internet bleg, he didn’t raise a cent. It’s not unreasonable to suspect that someone else is paying Schmalfeldt’s lawyer. The working out of that puzzlement is left to the Gentle Reader’s imagination.

We do know that the Cabin Boy and BreitbartUnmask, his boss at his former editorial gig at the Breitbart Unmasked website, acted as if they were looking forward to suing me. BreitbartUnmask tweeted:

BreitbartUnmask @LiberalGrouch He is in for a rude awakening . Message to Hoge; Walker is a shitty excuse 4 your attorney. Now get ready to pay motherfucker .
8:19 PM Mar 21st from Tweetbot for iOS
BreitbartUnmask @Xcitizen10 @Stranahan @wjjhoge @ AaronWorthing Hoge has things. Walker=garnishment Stranahan =default judgment he will skip out on.
9:40 PM Mar 21st from Tweetbot for iOS
BreitbartUnmask @Xcitizen10 @Stranahan @wjjhoge @ AaronWorthing All pretty close 😉
9:40 PM Mar 21st from Tweetbot for iOS
BreitbartUnmask @Xcitizen10 @wjjhoge Could it be that Hoge is on mental disability? Either way he will soon be feeling a hot poker up his wallet.
9:42 PM Mar 21st from Tweetbot for iOS

“Hoge has things.” Yes, I do. For example, Mrs. Hoge and I own the house I have referred to on this blog as Hoge Manor. Cabin Boy Bill, in his Liberal Grouch persona, posted this picture of our house on the Breitbart Unmasked site:hogehouse11

It seems that Schmalfeldt was unable to find a lawyer willing to represent him in a civil suit against me, at least not on a fee-contingent basis. That certainly wouldn’t be because I have no assets. More likely, every lawyer who looked at Schmalfeldt’s “case” quickly determined that there was nothing there—and asked for his fee up front.

Last night, Bill Schmalfeldt was tweeting confidently of his vindication in court today. He already has a pitch next to his donations button on the Patriot-Ombudsman site asking for money to help overturn his loss today. It will be interesting to see if he can raise any significant sum or, if he fails at that, whether he will learn his lesson and abide by the court’s order.

We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Count Your Chickens Till They Come Home to Roost

  1. Just read his “Twitter Guidelines” rant and have to say, his grasp of reality is really in question. He is like the kid that blames everyone else for his own bad acts. Not sure if he is really that delusional about what the ruling really means (Oh noes, no more Twiiter, Reporters in jail!!11!!) or if he is just playing the role someone has given him.

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