Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’ve been blessed to have a great deal of forensic help in reviewing physical and other evidence for my upcoming court cases. One of the analysts noticed the following claim in a comment to a post about the recent BlogBash made by someone calling himself “Texas Tim”:

First, thanks to the terrific staff at the Prince George’s Police Department who worked closely with me and my wife regarding security and protests. We came to an agreement on Wednesday not to protest in exchange for a promise of a large police presence at the scene.

Now, let me see if I have this straight. Some guy from Texas was organizing the protest for an event in Maryland. And he worked out a deal about protest vs. police presence. Really? I haven’t found anyone with the PG County Police who was aware of such an arrangement. Perhaps Tim can provide a name and/or badge number.

Tim says that he’s from Texas. Originally? Or did he just live there for a while—say, in the Corpus Christi area for a year or so in the 1979/80 time frame?

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Unnamed citizen K report that he and his wife “worked with the police regarding security and protests” raises a couple of questions. The first is who is citizen K? Apparently, he lives in the Washington area [millions], he is married [still in the millions], and, he was familiar with the planned protest of BlogBash [a couple of dozen.] Of those couple dozen people, most probably heard of the protest listening to the CBBS radio program. Given the Cabin Boy’s diatribes against his ex-wife many of those folks probably aren’t married. That same unnamed citizen K, also, just happened to be an eyewitness of an incident involving Aaron Walker and Brett Kimberlin outside of a Court House in Carroll County MD [I think it was.] Who could it be? Humm?

    More disturbing is the language “protests and security.” It raises the question who exactly was being “secured” from whom? During most “protests” the police arrive to secure the folks at the meeting from being harmed by the “protesters,” or at least attempt to prevents clashes between the two groups. Citizen K reports the police entered into an agreement with him to provide “a large police presence at the scene” in exchange for not protesting. But, if the police have a promise that no protest is going to happen, who exactly needs protection? It certainly wasn’t the folks attending BlogBash. It has every apperance that the Prince George County took it upon themselves to treat a bunch of men and women armed with iPads as dangerous criminals!

    What pray tell could anyone say about the folks at BlogBash that would require heavy police security? Could it have been the presence of the host of the “Everyone Draw Mohammed” website? Well, if the police believe that Muslim extremists might take action, providing “a large police presence at the scene” might make sense, but, it simply wouldn’t be appropriate to negotiate a “deal” to not protest. The protesters were there to posture as if the folks at BlogBash were evil criminals. Surrounding Blog Bash with needless cops is the government taking the posture that the folks at BlogBash were evil criminals. Should the police really enter into corrupt bargins to protest folks on the behalf of anonymous third parties and extremists? Could it have been the attendance of the Texan Lee Stranahan? Were the police told that the travel of the Texan Lee Stranahan to the state where a couple of his critics lived was a threat to the safety of those folks in Maryland? Lee Stranahan was in Maryland to take care of some legal business, and, possibly accept an award at BlogBash. At the time, Lee Strahanan was being told by one of his critics to fear “the Ides of March,” which was during BlogBash. Shouldn’t the police protect the person threatened?

    Personally, in the light of the treatment of “teaparty” groups by the IRS, if I were one of the attendees of BlogBash I would demand answers from Prince George County as to whether, or not, they had “profiled” BlogBash for purely political reasons, and, then acted against BlogBash based on that profiling. I find it inconceivable that the police upon hearing accusations against BlogBash would not call BlogBash to hear their side of the story.

    Of course, the other possibility is the citizen K had fabricated a tale that falsely implicated the police in the above scheme. If that were the case, I would think it would behoove the police to clear their name.

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