Westminster Bomb Threat Suspect in Custody

A Pennsylvania woman is in custody in Adams County, Pennsylvania, awaiting extradition to Carroll County, Maryland, on charges of making a false statement of a destructive device, threat of arson, reckless endangerment, telephone misuse, and obstruction of justice in connection with a bomb threat received at the Carroll County Circuit Courthouse last Tuesday.

After Sheriff’s detectives learned that the woman had made the call, she was located at her Littlestown, Pennsylvania, residence on Friday and was taken into custody by the Littlestown Police Department on an unrelated arrest warrant for failure to appear for trial in Carroll County.  She had been scheduled to appear on Thursday on charges of driving without a license.

4 thoughts on “Westminster Bomb Threat Suspect in Custody

  1. But, but, but…I read explicitly that YOU called in the bomb threat to prevent some cases being closed! How on earth is it possible that you managed to get someone ELSE arrested for it?

    Either you are a master of the mystic arts or someone is out and out LYING about you.

    I’m going to be keeping an eye on you John. You keep your bippity-boppity-boo to yourself.

    • I’m pretty certain that the Cabin Boy won’t post a retraction, unless of course, this post shames him into issuing one. He isn’t intellectually honest. No fact or series of facts will ever matter to him. Your guilt has been predecided, and, any convenient events are being distorted to fit his agenda. There was no point in answering this latest attack because it will just be followed up with another that is equally specious.

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  3. The girl that’s been charged with making the call did it, according to investigators, on behalf of an acquaintance who had court Tuesday morning. I wonder if we’ll find out who that acquaintance is.

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