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Here’s a description of a domestic terror bombing from pp. 91, 92 of Citizen K by Mark Singer:

Carl DeLong and his wife, Sanrda, had attended a football game at Speedway High, where their son, Steve, played on the freshman football team. The game had ended, the players were in the locker room, and the DeLongs and other spectators were idling in the parking lot when Carl noticed a small brown-and-yellow gym bag lying on the pavement. His wife, who also received relatively minor shrapnel injuries to her legs, later recalled that as he approached the bag he made an offhand allusion to the bombings. There were conflicting reports as to whether he kicked the bag or merely nudged it with his foot.

… One of his eardrums was shattered, and two of his fingers had to be reattached. The force of the blast lifted him into the air. “I remember looking down on the tops of cars and wondering why they were there,” he later testified. “I stood up to take a step, and fell down, hitting my head. … I looked down at my right leg, and my kneecap was blown up on my thigh, ” he recalled. “My left leg was just shredded away to the bone. I yelled, ‘Oh, God, get those kids out of here,’ and tried to crawl away from there.” Then he passed out.

Carl DeLong later committed suicide because of his injuries. Brett Kimberlin was found to be liable in a civil judgment for DeLong’s wrongful death. His parole was revoked in 1997 for failure to make restitution to the widow. He has never expressed any remorse for his actions.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I think a key point to note is that the folks in Speedway back then felt like the folks in Boston are feeling today. Last week describing the crimes of Brett Kimberlin was merely an abstraction. This week it is concrete and real. Last week his crimes were technical violations of penal codes. This week they are visceral.

    I suspect the DPBK will be laying low for a while. When Congressional staff tell a Congressman that the convicted terror bomber Brett Kimberlin is calling I suspect he will be hesitant to take the call.

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